TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 3 Continues Amazon Series' Sensational Streak

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“Sneaky Pete” has always been a sensational show. It has somehow managed to ride a fine line between dark humor and drama with seemingly effortless ease. After two terrific seasons, “Sneaky Pete” delivers one of its biggest surprises to date with Season 3. Maintaining its streak of high quality with what is arguably its most enjoyable installment yet.

Three seasons in and the Amazon series is not only showing no signs of deteriorating. It is still firing on all cylinders. Returning for an incredibly marathon-worthy ten episodes, Marius/Pete/Sneaky (Giovanni Ribisi) and the Bernhardt/Bowman family are still going strong. Yes, you read that correctly.

Spoilers for the first two seasons of “Sneaky Pete” are discussed beyond this point.

Despite what seemed to be a con-ending reveal at the end of Season 2, Marius continues playing Pete. Thank goodness! That is not to reveal for how long though. The fear that Marius’ alternately hilarious and heartwarming con would be coming to a quick end when Season 3 began was a dreadful thought. Marius playing Pete is just too good to beat.

Even though Julia (Marin Ireland) knows the truth, “Sneaky Pete” seems more comfortable than ever exploring what telling the lie means. As you may have suspected, the Bernhardt/Bowman family has come to be just that for Marius. When the show has focused on his relationship with them it has always been at its best and after two seasons, “Sneaky Pete” stops sneaking around its prized attribute.

Armed with the female equivalent of Marius pre-Season 1, “Sneaky Pete” dives into new territory. Giving Sneaky a love interest brings out new layers in him that are fun to explore. In Season 3, he is given even more room to breathe and grow. Hence, the newly lit aspects of his personality get a great spotlight here.

Additionally, “Sneaky Pete” does not introduce a big bad that is homicidally insane. This is another refreshingly retooled aspect as the first two seasons featured villains that were no laughing matter. Season 3 gives viewers character-driven mystery and a foe that is worth rooting against without their needing to be murderously evil. It works!

Renaissance entertainer Ricky Jay is the highlight of the season. The remarkable magician steals every scene he is in, and his rapport with Sneaky is electric to watch. It serves as a compelling reminder of what a wonderous talent he was and how much the entertainment medium will miss without his presence.

Overall, “Sneaky Pete’s” third season is a charming affair. One that thrives on the energy, mystery, and eccentric spirit of Pete’s family and Marius/Sneaky’s entertaining relationship with them.

The only note I have to make is wanting actress Alexandra Chando to have gotten utilized to a larger extent. However, given the way the season goes, it makes sense that her character does not appear more.

Hopefully, there is a fourth season for her and others to get a chance to shine in. The Amazon series has one of television's best ensembles and Season 3 continues proving it has a keen sense for how to leverage them.

“Sneaky Pete” is one of those delightfully unique shows that beats to its own drum. Here is to it beating for many more seasons to come!

Rating: 8.8/10

Seasons 1 through 3 of “Sneaky Pete” are currently available to binge on Amazon Prime.

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