Lost Cause Podcast Preview: Guesting For Best TV Shows Of 2019 (So Far)

Dark Season 2 Louis Hofmann Jonas Kahnwald
What have been the Best TV Shows of 2019 (so far)? Television has gotten over the halfway mark, and this year has seen a lot of contenders for the title. The Lost Cause Podcast's co-host, Drew Koenig, generously invited me to be a guest on the podcast again to count down our respective picks.

In this episode, Drew and I reveal our five picks for 2019’s Best TV Shows as of the halfway point of the year. Do not worry. Both of us explain why we feel so passionately about our selection. It is always fun to do the Best of episodes with Drew, and I am grateful he has me on for it. You can listen by clicking here.

Spoiler alert: Neither of us picked any of the same shows, despite not discussing our picks beforehand. Hence, you are about to get a pretty even spread of selections. You can listen to us discuss last year’s Best TV Shows here.

In the new episode, Drew offers keen insight into his choices and what went into selecting the TV shows he felt were 2019's best so far. His Top 5 is intriguing, and his explanations behind choosing what he did made me curious to watch them.

Along with co-hosting The Lost Cause Podcast with Amanda Williams, Drew also hosts the 10s Redux Podcast. It is dedicated to the review of movies and television from the 2010s.

On the writing side, Drew is currently contributing to Hidden Remote and Tell-Tale TV. You can check out his coverage of television at large on both sites.

It was tougher than ever to narrow down my picks. Reliable favorites, international series, and Netflix’s constant stream of content helped fuel personal selections. You can probably guess one pick from the image above (“Dark”).

It is past the mid-year point now, and my year-end picks are already seeing new contenders. I will say that “The Punisher” Season 2 narrowly missed my top five picks for the podcast.

On that note, “Yellowstone” was just beginning its second season when this episode was recorded. A development that made it a little too early to qualify for the top five. However, you can guarantee my year-end list will see its inclusion.

I say “enthralling” and talk way too much in this episode, and want to thank Drew again for having me on. He is a patient wonder of a human being as anyone who listens can tell. Find out what Drew and I picked by listening via the link above or on Apple Podcasts. Or listen via the embed below:

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