'The Method' Season 2: When It Will Premiere And What It's About

The Method Paulina Andreeva Esenya Steklova Konstantin Khabensky Rodion Meglin
Have you already binge-watched the entire first season of the Russian-language series, “The Method,” on Netflix? Then your next question is probably pretty straightforward. Is there going to be a Season 2 of the crime thriller? There is an answer, and it comes with its share of new questions.

Yes, “The Method” is getting a Season 2, and its co-lead, Paulina Andreeva (“Better Than Us”), will be back as Esenya. The second season is set to begin airing in Russia this year (2019) on Channel One. Translated, the network's site refers to the release as happening “very soon.”

Showspy's countdown indicates that Season 2 will premiere Sunday, October 20, 2019, on Channel One. Either way, the release date window puts “The Method” returning to the air four years after it premiered in 2015.

Spoilers for the ending of “The Method” Season 1 are discussed below.

The promotional picture for Season 2 of “The Method” on Channel One’s website hints that Paulina Andreeva’s Esenya will be back in action with a whole new style. Unfortunately, I could not find a trailer for Season 2. Info on the plot for the drama's second season is available, though, and it spells a lot of surprises!

How Season 1 Ended

Fans will recall that Konstantin Khabensky's Rodion Meglin seemed to die at the end of Season 1. The first season ended with the indication it would move forward in the face of the shocking plot twist. Did he somehow survive? Stay tuned.

“The Method” had heavily hinted at Meglin’s demise. The intrepid detective appeared to meet his end in the Season 1 finale after Esenya stabbed him in an act of non-malevolence. It left off with her seemingly preparing to take over Meglin's mantle.

Showspy reports that he survived after all. A stunning turn considering how the series ended with him suffering what should have been a fatal wound. “The Method” without Meglin would be a significant leap, so it makes sense to have him somehow survive the twist.

Now to Season 2’s plot synopsis! Are you ready to learn what is in store for the next season of “The Method”? Here it goes, according to the description posted on Channel One!

What Season 2 Is About

Keep in mind, this is based on Google’s translation of the Russian-language page on Channel One’s website. According to the show’s Season 2 synopsis, some considerable time has passed since Meglin’s death. Esenya has gotten married and has a daughter. How much time has gone by?

Enough for those two significant life developments to take place. The identity of Esenya’s husband is not mentioned. I would hope it is not Alexander Petrov’s Zhenya.

Turning from the personal to the professional, Esenya is apparently anxious to return to police work, and she does. Her comeback does not get off to a good start. On her first day, she loses a loved one to murder.

Cue, Esenya using everything Meglin taught her (aka “the method”) to bring down the killer. This dark journey will apparently put Esenya on more than the path to finding the person who murdered her loved one. It will also find her uncovering “secrets of the past.”

The synopsis for Season 2 also hints that Esenya is still struggling to recover from her mentor’s absence, and her hunt for the killer could prove deadly for her. Usually, I would not worry about the lead character getting killed, but “The Method” has demonstrated that kind of twist may not be off-limits.

My Thoughts

This premise sounds like it will be worth the wait and take the series away from its procedural feel. From what I can gather, the search for the same killer will be the recurring beat the crime thriller will chase in Season 2.

My instinct says that Esenya's husband is the loved one who will die. That would give “The Method” a chance to bring in a character-driven angle to the murder mystery, which the first season also had.

After giving another thrilling display of her talent in the sci-fi drama, “Better Than Us,” I cannot wait to see what Paulina Andreeva gets up to in Season 2 of “The Method.” She has proven she has the skill to lead a series. Esenya going at it alone should be interesting.

Paulina Andreeva and Konstantin Khabensky developed something very intriguing between their characters in the first season. So, it is tough to imagine the show without their dynamic.

U.S. Release

While “The Method” will air in Russia this fall, it is unclear what that means for its U.S. release. A similar situation is playing out with the third season of the outstanding series, “Silver Spoon.”

Netflix is currently streaming the first season of “The Method,” so it would be the logical destination for Season 2. That said, Amazon Prime Video has a wealth of Russian-language series, such as the wonderful mini “Run!” so I could see it coming there too.

Of course, Netflix is the most logical bet at this point. I will update this page, once new information is able to be shared. To recap, “The Method” Season 2 is currently set to premiere before the end of 2019 on Channel One. A U.S. release date is currently unclear, so stay tuned.

[Featured Image by Channel One / Sreda]