'Money Heist' Series Ending, Explained: How Season 5 Finished It All

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“Money Heist” is over. The daring, bold, and stunningly successful Netflix series has crossed the finish line. After five seasons (six if you count Volume 2 as another one), “Money Heist” signed off with the conclusion of its most elaborate theft yet. So, what was the series ending, and did the gang make a successful getaway in the finale?

Ever since Season 3 (Part 3) began, The Professor and company have attempted to rob the Bank of Spain. Nairobi and Tokyo both lost their lives in pursuit of the loot. Did anyone else share their tragic fate in the Season 5/series finale? All of those answers and more are below “Money Heist” fans.

[[ Warning: Spoilers for the series ending of “Money Heist” (aka Season 5 finale) gets explained below. ]]

Do they get the money back from Berlin’s son?

Yes. After Berlin’s son, Rafael, and his girlfriend Tatiana steal the gold from The Professor and the gang, all hope seems lost. That is until, with The Professor’s blessing, the ingenious Sierra brilliantly tracks down where the gold got taken. The Professor then negotiates a deal with his nephew. In the end, Rafael and Tatiana get a portion of the proceeds, and the gang gets their gold. The family business lives another day.

Who dies?

No other central character dies after Tokyo. Her death propels the final stretch of episodes as “Money Heist” hurdles towards a dazzling and evocative ending with its dramatic stakes all in tip-top shape. It is worth noting that Denver does momentarily think Stockholm and the rest of the crew get murdered before learning they are all alive and well.

Do they make off with the gold?

Yes. The “Money Heist” team gets their gold. The Professor cleverly “returns” counterfeit gold so that the government can maintain its veneer. Thus, restoring order to Spain’s economy. While he encounters resistance from Tamayo at first, Tamayo relents when he realizes it is too golden (wink) of an opportunity to turn down.

So, what is the ending of “Money Heist”?

The Professor arranges for everyone except Denver’s deaths to get faked. Denver cuts a seperate deal and joins the crew, whose members subsequently get new identities. They all meet at an airport hangar, where the joyful gang reunites before taking off together in a plane. 

One person not joining them is Sierra. It is not out of bitterness, though. She is simply a lone wolf. In the ending moments of “Money Heist,” she bids The Professor a tender goodbye as she heads off with baby Victoria for a brighter – hopefully -- crime-free future.

Final Thoughts

TV in general needs to pay attention as it is clear one highly-followed show knows how to give fans the ending they want. “Money Heist” balances drama with suspense for a stunning conclusion that makes it feel as though the characters’ lives will go on without us. The best part? The Professor and Lisbon get engaged, and Sierra’s powerful character arc leads her into the family of the gang. Family is forever.

Despite some highs and lows to its lead-up, the quality of the ending that “Money Heist” provides is a closing chapter many shows should focus on accomplishing. It is impossible to imagine a better ending for the groundbreaking series. You can now stream “Money Heist,” in its entirety on Netflix along with some other spectacular Spanish series.