Let's Discuss: The Ending Of 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' Season 2

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“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has made its Season 2 voyage on Netflix, and the results marked a captivating ride that kept pace with its predecessor. Sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva found romance, mystery, and a never-ending supply of shockers during their trip to Brazil. Now to the spoilers about how Season 2’s ending played out for them and others!

Warning: Spoilers for the Season 2 ending of “High Seas” on Netflix are discussed below.

Season 2 concludes the journey that Eva and Carolina set off on together during its first season. A lot changed for each of them by the time “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) finished its maiden voyage. When it ends, their father has died again (for real), and his pregnant girlfriend has managed to escape. Hence, Season 2's ending leaves quite a few dangling plot threads.

How did everything turn out? Did Eva and Nicolás end up together? Can Carolina and Fernando live happily ever after? “High Seas” brought each sisters’ journey to an ending in Season 2 that offered closure and a sense of the adventures yet to come. Jon Kortajarena, who plays Nicolás, confirmed that filming for Season 3 started on November 6, 2019, via Instagram.

Time for a recap! Here is where things left off with the main cast of characters on Netflix’s “High Seas” with the ending of Season 2.

High Seas Alta Mar Alejandra Onieva Carolina Villanueva Netflix
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Carolina and Fernando

Carolina and Fernando seemed ready to conquer the seas ahead in the ending of Season 2. Despite all of the betrayal and secrets, the newlyweds took off with Eva to enjoy their new life in Brazil. Time will tell if Carolina’s feelings for Casandra are entirely resolved. As it stands, Carolina moved forward with Fernando. It turns out their relationship is built on quite a bit of distrust. They both appeared committed to their future, though, so next season of “High Seas” will tell the tale.

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Eva and Nicolás

After sharing a goodbye kiss on the ship, “High Seas” left the couple in a strange limbo. They seemed ready to put their "ship-mance" to rest and yet shared several kisses while saying goodbye. One thing is loud and clear: Nicolás reunited with his presumed-dead wife. I wonder who will play her! (Dream casting: Amaia Salamanca, Alicia “Gran Hotel.”) Regardless of her resurfacing, something tells me the story is far from over between Eva and Nicolás.

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Verónica ended “High Seas” Season 2 in the worst shape. In the finale it was revealed that it was her mother, Francisca, who killed Rosa Marín. After the truth came out, Francisca suffered a terrible fall caused by Rosa’s ghost pushing her. Francisca is still alive but critical. Romantically speaking, Verónica’s life left off in a far less dire direction. She removed herself from the love triangle she was in, content to be single for now.

High Seas Alta Mar Alejandra Onieva Carolina Villanueva Ivana Baquero Eva Villanueva Netflix
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The Overall Mystery

Season 2's ending saw the reveal of Rosa Marín's killer and a tease of what is to come. Eva confirmed that she and her sister had not gone on their last voyage. Where will they be headed next? “High Seas” has certainly gotten me curious to see what Season 3 has in store. Like “Money Heist,” it wrapped up its first storyline in two parts.

Season 3

Who else is excited to find out what mysteries and adventures unfold when “High Seas” returns? Eva and Carolina are fun characters that have rich enough personalities to warrant many seasons to come. Eva has a new book on the horizon, and Carolina has a new outlook on life.

Carolina and Fernando's marriage seems to be safe. As for Nicolás and Eva, the return of his wife has not swayed me from thinking “High Seas” has them pegged as each other's endgame. How I feel about that is an entirely different subject. Their behavior was a bit disappointing considering their morality (to that point).

Final Thoughts

It is sad that they killed of Clara. She was interesting. On a separate note, I wish “High Seas” would not have validated ghosts or given the appearance of it in the show’s universe. Francisca seeing Rosa could be explained as a delusion, and Casandra also seeing her could be the result of a folie à deux (shared delusion). Case solved? Maybe.

Overall, “High Seas” delivered a strong Season 2 ending that resolved most of its previous installment's loose ends. There is the issue of Eva and Carolina potentially having a half-sibling by way of their father. The malevolent Luisa/Sofia made it off the ship with loads of gold. Will she ever be brought to justice?

One can hope that Season 3 will see something in that direction take place. Overall, I love the family drama at the heart of “High Seas,” and like “Gran Hotel,” the mysteries are always entertaining. The cast is also impeccable. You could not ask for more from a Netflix binge.

“High Seas” is one Netflix voyage worth taking! Season 1 and Season 2 are currently streaming on Netflix. It is one of the best TV shows on there, in my humble opinion.

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