TV Review: Is 'The Crime' ('Zbrodnia') Worth Solving On Netflix?

The Crime Zbrodnia Agnieszka Lubczynska Magdalena Boczarska Technik Wojciech Cyplik Monika Krajewska Joanna Kulig
“The Crime” (“Zbrodnia”) gets off to a contemplative start in its Season 1 premiere as it gradually builds around a murder case that rocks the quaint Polish town of Hel. Tomek (Wojciech Cyplik) is a sleep-deprived detective wading through the onset (or aftermath) of a divorce from his wife.

Barely able to stay awake at an intersection, Tomek's professional and personal life receives a massive jolt in the series premiere of “The Crime” (“Zbrodnia”). A local housewife, Agnieszka (Magdalena Boczarska), with whom Tomek shares a slight past, discovers a man’s body floating in the local shoreline. The grisly discovery is made while she is out for a day at the beach with her two young children.

The disturbing finding puts her in contact with Tomek and “The Crime” hints that her discovering the body is not where her personal connection to the victim end. That is because her husband registers as a shady character who arises suspicion right off the bat. Will it come to anything?

“The Crime” has two seasons currently streaming on Netflix, so there is good reason to hope viewers will find out. Both seasons are comprised of three episodes. If everything is going to get resolved in Season 1, the series gives itself a narrow window to do so. That said, it is possible.

By the time the premiere ends, it feels like the series has barely scraped the surface of the investigation. There are many apparent suspects and potential intrigues. Sorting all of it out will fall to Tomek, his partner Monika (Julia Kulig), and maybe Agnieszka. “The Crime” takes its time building up those interpersonal relationships as the investigation slowly heats up in Hel.

At the end of the series premiere, there is a lot that feels too obvious to be convincing when it comes to the murder case. On a personal note, Agnieszka’s marriage is clearly in a bit of trouble, and Tomek’s attraction to her is unmistakable. “The Crime” hints there is something on the horizon between them. A development that is not getting the thumbs up from this viewer.

There seems to be a backstory between Tomek and Agnieszka that she is not aware of. Tomek must have admired her from afar and without her ever noticing him. “The Crime” does a great job of sewing seeds of interpersonal ties between the characters without going into great detail.

It takes a casual approach to the flow of information. Only things that would naturally come up in conversation get revealed. No flashbacks or gushy monologues provide penetrating insight. In that sense and many others, “The Crime” gives viewers something to look forward to unmasking outside of the central mystery. Consider me intrigued!

If you have enjoyed the outstanding “Jack Taylor” or enthralling “Borderliner,” then “The Crime” will undoubtedly have appeal. It does not have the quick pace of Acorn TV’s terrific “Straight Forward.” “The Crime” goes for the slow boil of “Innocent” and “Safe” instead, and it works!

Rating: 7.5/10

As of December 2019, Season 1 and 2 of “The Crime” (“Zbrodnia”) are currently streaming on Netflix.

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