TV Review: Netflix's 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' Season 2 Premiere

High Seas Alta Mar Eva Villanueva Ivana Baquero Netflix
“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has cruised back to Netflix for Season 2, and it picks up exactly where it left off. As hinted in the final minutes of its freshman season, the Spanish-language drama still finds time to shake things up as new passengers climb aboard, and danger remains on-board.

The Villanueva sisters' father is on the loose after attacking his own brother to escape. While a frantic search gets underway, Fernando (Eloy Azorรญn) green-lights the pickup of adrift passengers in a rowboat. In doing so, “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) ushers in several new characters, including “Unauthorized Living's” Claudia Traisac (Lara) and “Gran Hotel's” Antonio Reyes (Hernando).

Yes, Season 2 is the home to a “Gran Hotel” reunion! I really hope this is not the end of its cast showing up on “High Seas.” Hernando needs Ayala! That ensemble is teeming with potential recruits for a voyage on the Netflix series. Of course, I would not mind if more cast members from “Unauthorized Living” also put in an appearance. Time will tell!

My wish to see Fernando stepping up the plate more is satisfied in the Season 2 premiere. He continues to be a character that is not entirely trustworthy, and the seeds already sewn, only grow stronger in “High Seas'” second season voyage. Is he the Prince Charming that Carolina (Alejandra Onieva) believes him to be? It will be interesting to find out.

Thankfully, “High Seas” does not slow down on the reveals in its Season 2 premiere. The costume drama plunges full speed ahead into several game-changing disclosures that will warrant almost everyone getting a second glance. There is one development that I hope receives a practical explanation.

“High Seas” seems to be flirting with the paranormal, and as a skeptic, it is easy to see where a reasonable answer would suffice. The drama did a great job balancing romance and mystery in its first season. It would be somewhat disappointing if Season 2 did not similarly balance practicality with the supernatural.

Otherwise, Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina remain a sublime sister act that enchants with their varying layers. It is lovely to see sisters in the thick of a storyline where they have each other's backs. Their, “us against the world” bond, only strengthens in the Season 2 premiere of “High Seas.” It will be fun to see where the second installment takes them overall.

I have a feeling that Fernando's suspicious behavior will not be lost on Eva. Will that bring tension between her and Carolina? The forecast indicates there could be stormy seas ahead. Hopefully, “High Seas” will not play that card for long. Trust Eva, Carolina!

The period drama remains an engaging escape, and its production values are as impressive as ever. It is one of those shows that really take you for a ride by transporting viewers into an immersive landscape. “High Seas” can count on this fan remaining aboard as a Season 2 viewing session gets underway.

Rating: 8.5/10

Season 1 and Season 2 of “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) are currently streaming on Netflix.

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