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Should You Stay For 'Midnight At The Pera Palace' On Netflix?

If you love history, mystery, and time travel, Season 1 of “Midnight at the Pera Palace” (“Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarisi”) is the TV show you have been waiting for. It begins in beautiful Istanbul as an ambitious reporter, Esra, attempts to make a name for herself in her current position. Tasked with c…

'The Gift' Season 2 Premiere: How It Resolves Season 1's Ending

“The Gift” (Netflix’s title for the Turkish series entitled “Atiye”) had an elaborate Season 1 ending that changed everything. Season 2 continues following the title character Atiye, which literally translates to “a gift” in English. In the series, the character possesses “The Gift,” which includes…

TV Review: 'The Gift' ('Atiye') Season 1 Premiere On Netflix

Image by Netflix
An artist, a mystery, and an unearthed archeological finding. Those are the main ingredients that comprise “The Gift.” A recently released Netflix original that already hints at a sprawling mythos in its Season 1 premiere. Atiye (Beren Saat) is a painter and part-time teacher working on her latest gallery exhibition in Istanbul when her life is changed.

TV Review: 'Gonul' ('Hatirla Gonul') Makes Great Netflix Binge

Gonul Hatirla Gonul Tekin Onur Saylak Gökçe Bahadir Engin Öztürk Yusuf
There is no show on Netflix more captivating than “Gonul” (“Hatirla Gonul”). One season comprised of thirty-eight episodes tells the dramatic tale of its title character, played by Gökçe Bahadir. Gonul is a nurse working at a prestigious hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. She is also engaged to the chief of staff’s temperamental son, Tekin (Onur Saylak).

TV Review: 'Black Money Love' ('Kara Para Aşk') On Netflix

“Black Money Love” (“Kara Para Aşk”) is a lavish romantic thriller that thrusts several disparate characters into a desperate situation. The series starts off by introducing viewers to the heroic police officer, Ömer Demir. After saving a group of trafficked children, Ömer is on a break from the f…

Let's Discuss: 'The Protector' Season 1 And Season 2's Netflix Release Date

The Protector Hakan Çagatay Ulusoy Netflix
“The Protector” is heading back to Netflix for its second season. Usually streaming viewers have to wait more than a year for a series’ follow-up installment. Thankfully, those who binged the action/adventure/superhero series back in December are not having to endure such a delay.

TV Review: 'Innocent' ('Masum') Season 1

Innocent Masum Serkan Keskin Taner Nur Sürer Nermin Bayrakçi Haluk Bilginer Cevdet Bayrakci Okan Yalabik Tarik Tülin Özen Emel Ali Atay Yusuf Bartu Küçükçaglayan Selim
If a picture is worth, a thousand words than one’s context supplies a billion. The TV series, “Innocent” (“Masum”) is a daring tale that's secrets are best kept from prospective viewers, curious to watch. To state it directly. It is well worth your time to do so.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Sadece Sen' (2014)

Eclectic Pop - Must-See Movie Review 'Sadece Sen' 2014 - Netflix
Guilt, remorse, forgiveness, redemption, and love, all play a central role in “Sadece Sen,” a modern romantic epic that is enthralling, at every turn. A Turkish remake of the Korean film “Always,” “Sadece Sen” follows the love story that develops between Ali (Ibrahim Celikkol), a former boxer with a dark past, and Hazal (Belꞔim Bilgin), a benevolent blind woman.