How To Watch 'After Yellowstone' With Actress Q'orianka Kilcher

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Still, need more “Yellowstone” after that explosive Season 3 finale? Review Nation’s “After Yellowstone” has you covered. Hosted by Derek Sante, the after-show live-streamed on YouTube with a very special guest. “Yellowstone” actress Q’orianka Kilcher, who plays Angela Blue Thunder on the magnificent drama, came on to discuss the season-ender and more.

In a thrilling twist, Derek offered me the chance to come on “After Yellowstone” (for the third time!) to weigh in on the Season 3 finale along with him, Q’orianka Kilcher, and Vegas Film Critic’s Jeffrey K. Howard. Yes, my excitement was through the roof! You can check out the full video on YouTube by clicking on Review Nation’s artwork for the episode below:

After Yellowstone Q’orianka Kilcher
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In this “After Yellowstone” episode, Q’orianka Kilcher discusses her role in “Yellowstone,” developing Angela Blue Thunder, and a lot more. Kilcher had one of the Season 3 finale’s most show-stopping moments by way of an epic monologue to Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham). Angela Blue Thunder did not hold back, and the “Yellowstone” actress shared some intriguing insight into playing the scene.

Q’orianka Kilcher had a lot to share about that moment and many others, including Angela’s take on John Dutton’s fiery daughter, Beth. It was a riveting conversation to be a part of and I hope anyone reading this checks it out because if you are a fan of Kilcher, her work, or “Yellowstone,” it is worthwhile.

It was an honor to be able to ask her a question and get to speak to her period, so a huge thank you to Q’orianka Kilcher and Derek Sante for making that possible. You can check out everything she has to say, and all of the “Yellowstone” chatter by checking out the video.