'The Gift' Season 2 Premiere: How It Resolves Season 1's Ending

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“The Gift” (Netflix’s title for the Turkish series entitled “Atiye”) had an elaborate Season 1 ending that changed everything. Season 2 continues following the title character Atiye, which literally translates to “a gift” in English. In the series, the character possesses “The Gift,” which includes the power to change the future.

After an entire season spent with Atiye trying to get to the bottom of her “gift,” Season 1’s finale included shocking events that generated surprising outcomes. Continue reading at your own risk (spoilers) to learn what cliffhangers get resolved and what new stories are created in the Season 2 premiere of “The Gift.”

Spoilers for the Season 1 ending of “The Gift” on Netflix get discussed beyond this point.

The ending of “The Gift” Season 1 saw the repercussions of Cansu getting nearly killed by Ozon, and finished off by Serdar, play out. Last season ended with Atiye desperate to bring Cansu back and doing what she had to do to make sure that happened.

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Once a suspect in the killing of her own sister, the truth finally got revealed thanks to Ozon. His father, Serdar, was arrested for the crime in the Season 1 finale. Meanwhile, Erhan was shot and presumably murdered by Hannah.

Season 2 of “The Gift” begins with the new timeline established in the Season 1 finale, as Atiye awakened to a new reality where Cansu is still alive. The twist? She answered to Elif (her original name) rather than Cansu. Elif (Cansu) did not know Atiye, presumably growing up in her true identity as Erhan’s sister. What else changed after Season 1’s ending? Here are the most significant twists.

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Atiye Only Known by Her Mother

As “The Gift” awakens in the new dimension (timeline) of the Season 2 premiere, Atiye goes to her parents’ house to find them. Her father is there, but he has never heard of Atiye or her mother. Her parents never met. Hence, Atiye is not known by anyone in the alternate timeline. Atiye’s mom has gone “full-grandma,” taking over the mantle of her mother (Atiye’s grandmother’s) rather than refusing it.

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Atiye’s Mom Is All-In

Atiye’s mom, Serap, is in a mental institution as a result. Atiye goes to visit her, and she knows who Atiye is. They sweetly reunite before she gives Atiye some cryptic clues and sends her away, warning that the doctor is watching. Apparently, Ozon’s dad is either getting some competition or some help with his villainous endeavors on “The Gift.”

Cansu Is Alive

In the new “dimension” that the Season 2 premiere posits, Atiye meets Cansu, who now goes by Elif. Cansu is seeking an assistant, so Atiye plays along with that she has come by to audition for the job, which she gets. They may not be sisters in the Season 2 timeline, but their Season 1 bond as sisters still runs below the surface.

The Gift Atiye Cansu Özgürsoy Elif Melisa Şenolsun
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Ozon’s Daddy Is Still Evil, Alive And Well

Ozon’s evil dad, Serdar, is still up to his wicked machinations in the alternate world of “The Gift.” He is also out of prison since his murdering Cansu has not happened in the Season 2 universe. That may be coming as an inevitable paradox that Atiye cannot avoid.

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Cansu/Elif And Ozon Are Still A Thing

In this timeline, as in the first one on “The Gift,” Cansu is romantically involved with Ozon, and the relationship is also kept a secret. However, for different reasons. Viewers should be concerned that the father learning about it could lead to the same result. After all, he works overtime in the Season 2 premiere to categorize their relationship as platonic.

Erhan Has A New Family

Erhan getting shot during the ending of Season 1 is a non-issue in Season 2, thanks to the reboot that has also brought Cansu back. In the alternate universe, he and Elif (Cansu) have been adopted by Serdar and raised alongside Ozon like siblings. The interesting thing (and there are many) is that Erhan seems to be favored by Ozon’s dad. Some things never change, though, because, in both universes, Ozon is a disappointment to his dad.

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Erhan Has A New Job

Erhan is a businessman, not an archeologist, who is heading a building project that is focused in the same area where Göbekli Tepe existed in Season 1. As far as his personal life goes, Erhan is engaged to the same woman, Hannah, who shot him during the ending of “The Gift” Season 1. She still follows evil Serdar’s orders.

Istanbul Has A Reproduction Crisis

In what is one of the more shocking twists of “The Gift,” the Netflix series gets a tad apocalyptic by introducing reproductive issues to the mix. All pregnancies end in the death of unborn babies and, in some cases, the mother as well.

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Theory Time

My theory on “The Gift” storyline is that Atiye is already pregnant by Erhan in the Season 1 universe, and that child getting born in the new one will be the world’s saving grace. After all, Atiye’s grandma touched her womb region (abdomen) last season, which was a big fertile flag.

In Closing

The Season 2 premiere wades into territory mightily akin to that of another Netflix series – “Dark.” Whether or not the new reality that Atiye has created will remain is the big question coming out of the episode. The ending of Season 1 left the characters in too dark a place to believe it will be the endgame reality.

Cansu definitely dead and Erhan possibly deceased is too much death for “The Gift.” Both characters seem destined to live. That said, knowingly bringing a loved one back to life, as is the case for Atiye with Cansu, usually never works out in sci-fi. We shall see! The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix with other great shows.

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