Movie Review: Is 'Last Moment Of Clarity' Clearly Worth Renting?

Last Moment of Clarity Samara Weaving Lauren Clerk Georgia Outerbridge Brian Cox Gilles Metalwork Pictures
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When it comes to semi-erotic mystery, “Last Moment of Clarity” has the competition beat. The indie thriller makes the most of its story as it traverses international locales amid a gripping mystery. Is Georgia Outerbridge (Samara Weaving) alive? When Sam Pivnic goes to a movie to get his mind off the death of his girlfriend, Georgia, he gets the surprise of his life.

Or, at least, he thinks so. Sam (a believable Zach Avery) spots actress Lauren Clerk. The starlet bears a striking resemblance to Georgia, with the key difference being that Lauren is blonde. Hence, after a slow-boiling start, the mystery at the heart of “Last Moment of Clarity” begins. Word to the wise reading this, do not watch the trailer.

Instead, jump right in because less foreknowledge is more fun to follow Sam as he obsesses over, proving that Lauren is his murdered girlfriend, Georgia. From here, “Last Moment of Clarity” weaves Sam’s memories of a super-long bath with Georgia with his current reality. In any other movie, Sam would be an absolute lunatic.

“Last Moment of Clarity” takes place from his perspective, though, which means viewers are supposed to at least empathize with his viewpoint. That said, this viewer struggled to do so. Sam comes across in an unlikable manner. Regardless, the premise that co-screenwriters and co-directors Colin and James Krisel have cooked up is so intriguing, it is tough to let that distract from things.

On the surface, “Last Moment of Clarity” shares a lot in common with the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer “Enemy,” A notion that almost made me avoid watching it. Before renting it on Amazon Prime Video, I worried that “Last Moment of Clarity” would be a philosophical movie with no concrete answers for its mystery. Thankfully, there is no need to worry. There are definitive answers.

The movie does a great job steadily building the tension that comprises the mystery. Does Sam see what he wants to believe? Without the context the audience has, he comes across as an unhinged stalker. Between acting legend Brian Cox, as Sam’s boss and Carly Chaiken asSSam’s acquaintance Kat, “Last Moment of Clarity” provides a sounding board of sanity for the audience.

They question Sam enough, so it does not feel as though the character is running amuck. It also keeps the scenario he suggests from going unquestioned as those Sam encounters protest its ludicrous nature. Carly Chaiken, Samara Weaving, and Hal Ozsan provide scene-stealing turns. Chaiken gives an immensely likable performance the film largely hinges on as a counterpoint to Weaving’s enigmatic role.

Speaking of Samara Weaving, she continues to be one of her generation’s most startlingly sparkly finds. After watching “Last Moment of Clarity” I continue to wonder why Weaving’s screen partner, Hal Ozsan (who memorably starred in “Kyle X” back in the day), is not the featured lead in more projects. The thriller gives nice arcs for all of the talent involved, and that is saying something.

Is it worth the Amazon rental? Yes. “Last Moment of Clarity” is surprisingly good as it grips with an arresting premise that is truly mysterious and difficult to solve. On the romance front, it philosophically explores the idea of soulmates, and if there is life after thinking you have found yours. Romantic thrillers are rare thse days, and this one is worth watching.

Rating: 8/10