Who Is Leaving 'New Amsterdam' In Season 3? An Exit Is Coming

New Amsterdam Dr. Cassian Shin Daniel Dae Kim NBC
Virginia Sherwood / NBC

“New Amsterdam” is not back yet. The series had its previous season ended unceremoniously early due to the coronavirus, and fans are undoubtedly eager for the heartfelt drama to return. Season 3 is currently slated to premiere during the midseason of 2021. In the meantime, “New Amsterdam’s” showrunner has given fans something quite grave to contemplate. Someone is leaving the show in Season 3.

It is a surprising thing to absorb on the heels of an exit from the hospital last season. As fans will recall, “New Amsterdam” saw the departure of Jocko Sims’ Dr. Floyd Reynolds from the eponymous hospital. He left there to accompany his fiancรฉ, who moved to the west coast for a job opportunity. However, Reynolds’ leaving the hospital was not all that it may have seemed.

“New Amsterdam” showrunner -- David Schulner -- had confirmed that Reynolds was leaving the hospital and not the show to CinemaBlend. The exit set to hit the series in Season 3 could be another story, although Schulner notes they will leave “New Amsterdam,” which could again mean the hospital and not the show. Teasing Season 3’s departure shocker, Schulner told TVLine:

The pandemic has forced all of our characters to reevaluate their lives. And one of them will leave New Amsterdam for good.

Okay, my gut reaction to this news is that Daniel Dae Kim’s newly introduced character may not be around long on “New Amsterdam.” This feeling, in spite of his burgeoning chemistry-filled relationship with Dr. Helen Sharpe, which is hopefully, set to develop further in Season 3. When Kim joined the show, it was unclear how long he would be sticking around. The role was billed as recurring by Deadline.

So, Daniel Dae Kim may be around for the long-haul after all, but it is unclear. Original characters: Max, Helen, Iggy, Reynolds, Kapoor, and Bloom, should be relatively safe, right? They have been integral to the show and are beloved parts of it, so I cannot see them leaving. Kim’s Dr. Cassian Shin just joined “New Amsterdam.”

It is unclear if Season 3 will see Shin’s ties to the series deepen or become fraught. He has Max and Helen’s crazy-hot chemistry to contend with (hopefully fueling a love triangle), which could stir a potential exit. Could he and Helen break-up, causing Shin to “reevaluate” his life to the point that he decides to cut ties with the hospital and summarily “New Amsterdam” in Season 3?

In truth, it does not feel far-fetched. The other candidates would be. I could see a scenario where things do not work out with Helen, and Shin decides to take his amazing skills elsewhere. Think Ray Palmer and Felicity on “Arrow.” Of course, I hope I am wrong because in the single episode he had last season, Daniel Dae Kim provided an electrical surge to the show.

It would be regrettable to see him go as I could see him shaking up “New Amsterdam” indefinitely. His time on “Lost” was not lost on me. Daniel Dae Kim was one of the standouts on the controversially-concluded series. It would be a shame for “New Amsterdam” to miss out on his talent.

Who knows? It could have always been a short-term storyline. Time will tell who ends up leaving “New Amsterdam.” Season 3 still does not have a premiere date. It is expected to bow at some point in 2021 (eventually joining “The Blacklist”), which is rapidly approaching, so stay tuned. It is going to be an exciting season whatever happens with Daniel Dae Kim, his character, and the rest of the ensemble’s characters.