'Last Man Standing' And 2 More TV Shows To Binge Before 2021

Last Man Standing Mike Baxter Tim Allen Ryan Vogelson Jordan Masterson FOX
Patrick Wymore / FOX

It is tough to believe, but another New Year is about to get rung in and with it some spectacular television. “Last Man Standing” is one of the shows set to herald in 2021, with its ninth and final season premiering January 3. Would you believe that the FOX sitcom is not the only TV show you should binge before 2021 begins?

You got it. There are two other shows set to arrive in early 2021, and both of them have gotten chatted up before on Eclectic Pop. One of them is a streaming series, and the other is a network show. Two network shows on the list of shows to binge before 2021 begins!? I cannot believe it either, but here we are! Let’s start with “Last Man Standing.”

Last Man Standing Tim Allen Mike Baxter Jonathan Adams Chuck Larabee Hector Elizondo Ed Alzate FOX
Michael Becker / FOX

Last Man Standing

I have binge-watched almost all of “Last Man Standing’s” eight seasons, and it has brought more laughs to my life than I knew I needed. It all started with a certain trip to Canada. A pretty fleeting glimpse at the show quickly set a hook I have followed up on since arriving back state-side. What is about?

In it, Tim Allen (aka “Santa Claus”) stars as Mike Baxter, a devoted husband, father to three daughters, and the host of the “Outdoor Man” vlog. The Baxter family’s repartee is not the only hilarious presence on “Last Man Standing.” Mike’s friendships with Ed, Chuck, and his sons-in-law is another fantastic part of the series. 

How to Watch: “Last Man Standing” is currently streaming on Hulu. I caught up on it thanks to Philo, though. Season 9 (I do not want it to end!) premieres Sunday, January 3, at 9:30 p.m. ET on FOX. If you have cut the cord, you can record it through Tablo.

Monarca Irene Azuela Ana Marรญa Carranza Dรกvila Osvaldo Benavides Andrรฉs Carranza Dรกvila Rosa Marรญa Bianchi Cecilia Dรกvila Vda. De Carranza Netflix
Ana Cristina Blumenkron / Netflix


This enthralling Spanish-language thriller will have you hooked after a few episodes. “Monarca” gets off to a somewhat slow-boiling start before exploding with Episode 4. From there, it is all drama all the time. Season 1 is comprised of ten episodes you can easily binge before 2021, and Season 2 begins, and you will want to take the plunge.

“Monarca” centers on a trio of adult siblings who are heirs to their family’s massive business empire. When estranged daughter, Ana Marรญa, returns home she gets offered the keys to the kingdom by her father. Her two brothers have different ideas, which starts the beginning of a sibling rivalry-turned-war. If you like “Yellowstone,” you will love this too. 

How to Watch: You can stream “Monarca” on Netflix. Season 2 premieres Friday, January 1, 2021, on the streaming giant alongside “You Cannot Hide” and other great Spanish-language series.

New Amsterdam Max Goodwin Ryan Eggold NBC
Virginia Sherwood / NBC

New Amsterdam

I know what you might be thinking. Television already has too many medical dramas. Well, try to make room for one more because you will not regret it. One of the former stars of “The Blacklist” – Ryan Eggold – stars in this emotionally stirring and relevant series. Eggold plays Max Goodwin, the newly installed director of the “New Amsterdam” hospital. 

Two seasons in, “New Amsterdam” is still churning out incredible episodes. I will not lie and say tragedy does not occur during the show’s installments. They are common. How the show handles them is what makes the show worthy of massive praise. It does not show tragedy for tragedies’ sake rather providing an informative glimpse into it. On that note, what makes “New Amsterdam” exceptional is how it celebrates the beauty of the human spirit.

How to Watch: You can catch up on “New Amsterdam” via Peacock. Season 3 does not have a premiere date yet. It is slated to arrive during NBC’s midseason schedule. Hopefully, alongside “The Blacklist.”


There you have it. Do not forget “Cobra Kai” Season 3. The latest chapter in the stellar series is arriving on January 1, 2021, on Netflix. If you have room for another series, “Yellowstone” is one you need to consider catching up on, although you have plenty of time. Season 4 of the Kevin Costner starrer is not expected to premiere until the summer of 2021. Here is 2021, TV fans.