Why 'Indian Matchmaking' Needs To Be Your Next Netflix Binge

Indian Matchmaking Aparna Shewakramani Netflix

So, you have some extra time on your hands, and after a tough day of living life, you need something to binge-watch on Netflix. If you are like me, reality shows and docuseries are not the first TV genres to make the top of your list. Good news! “Indian Matchmaking” is worth the exception as several singles’ search for lasting love proves to be a riveting 8-episode Netflix binge.

A lot of people’s search for eternal love can be complicated. How do you find “the one”? “Indian Matchmaking” chronicles various singles’ journey as they attempt to secure a match via a fascinating method. Series star, Sima Taparia, is a highly-regarded marriage consultant/matchmaker from Mumbai who confers with clients and sets out to locate their soulmate.

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Or at least, someone that can make them happy with the appropriate amount of compromise, as Sima Taparia regularly (and wisely) points out. Love is hard to come by, and I say that as someone who is incredibly single and has lost almost all hope of finding true love. Hence, it is so refreshing to see so many singletons share their ongoing searches for romance in “Indian Matchmaking.”

Helping matters is that the TV show has found not just one but several compelling people to follow. Chief among them is the heartfelt and relatable Nadia Christina Jagessar, determined and driven Aparna Shewakramani, and all-around incredible human Vyasar Ganesan. They are all searching for love state-side. Meanwhile, Akshay Jakhete (whose mother is highly-motivated for him to marry) is among those seeking a spouse in Mumbai.

Wherever they looked, this viewer found themselves incredibly invested in seeing the cast find someone and curious if it worked out after the credits rolled. On that note, I will always wonder if Nadia and Vyasar could have been a match and if they wondered that after watching the show. You see, sometimes the truth is even more fascinating than rom-com fiction, and “Indian Matchmaking” proves why so many of us will always be intrigued by seeing real-life unfold.

For many millennials (myself included), the fight to find lasting love worthy of a romantic epic or a great Hallmark movie has proven daunting. “Indian Matchmaking” made me realize that I am not alone. Is matchmaking a good place to start? For many wary of online dating due to scamming (among other aspects), it is an interesting solution that viewers get an excellent peek into.

In related news, one thing that gets mentioned quite a bit in “Indian Matchmaking” is the belief that a single person’s decision on who to marry is not theirs alone. To which I agree wholeheartedly. A family marries another family. If a marriage produces children, they belong to both families. So, why is it so hard for many single people to understand that who you marry impacts your immediate family greatly?

Exactly. They have a horse in the race – you. There are many talking points that “Indian Matchmaking” brings up as it provides substantive food for thought. It is educational, and if those who decide to binge it on Netflix are interested in seeing a fictional take on the topic, look no further than “Ginny Weds Sunny.” It is streaming on the platform too.

In closing, “Indian Matchmaking” is a beautiful show that will have you hitting “next episode” as fast as possible. To that point, Netflix’s seconds-long pause between episodes feels so long or arduous. There is a lot for viewers to learn from the show as they process their own lives. You may be surprised.

As the end of 2020 dawns, it is safe to say that this Netflix original has earned a spot among the year’s best. Season 1 of “Indian Matchmaking” is currently streaming on Netflix. There is currently no official confirmation on a Season 2 on Netflix’s site or app, so stay tuned. I would love to continue following the journeys of the Season 1 cast.