'Y: 1883' On Paramount+: 6 Fast Facts About 'Yellowstone' Prequel

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It’s official. The “Yellowstone” universe is expanding in the form of a spinoff. Hold onto your cowboy hat because the drama is forging forward with a prequel series entitled “Y: 1883.” Already putting anticipation in motion, the prequel had a promo air during the Super Bowl. So, it is safe to say that the new drama is raring to go—this what you need to know. 

From the plot to the latest on the premiere date and how to watch, Eclectic Pop has you covered. First up, let’s get into the details. The “Yellowstone” prequel series will take place well before the events of the currently airing show, and its storylines, while possibly providing some context for what continues to unfold.

It is worth mentioning that a prequel shuts down the first “Yellowstone” spinoff serving as a vehicle for the current cast of characters. Like the original, the prequel also springs from the mind of “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan, who will executive produce “Y:1883.” (I wonder what this will mean for Sheridan and his “Disorder” remake.) Whether Sheridan will write every episode remains unclear. Now to the juicy stuff.

Yellowstone John Dutton Kevin Costner John Dutton Sr Dabney Coleman Paramount Network
Paramount Network

#1: What Is “Y: 1883” About?

The “Yellowstone” prequel will tell the origin story of the Dutton family’s arrival in Montana as they flee poverty for a better existence. What they encounter during their journey through the Great Plains sounds like one of the central thrusts of the upcoming show. Here is the synopsis from Paramount+:

Y: 1883 follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land — Montana.

Ever since “Yellowstone” began, this viewer has wondered how the Duttons got everything they have. Their accumulation of land did not happen in a vacuum and doubtlessly overnight. The prequel seems primed to answer many of the questions that have brewed under the surface of the show’s context-packed show. In a nutshell, “Y: 1883” could be about how the Duttons got their land, while “Yellowstone” is about how they are trying to keep it.

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Paramount Network

#2: Can I Watch The Teaser Trailer?

If you did not watch the Super Bowl, you are probably wondering where that teaser trailer for “Y: 1883” is so that you can watch it. Look no further. There is not a lot in terms of visuals, but there is a pretty intriguing voiceover, and it sets the tone for what “Yellowstone” fans can expect. Check it out:

Yes, it is surprising that there is already a teaser to promote the prequel series. Hopefully, production marches forward just as fast. The threatening voiceover sounds incredibly reminiscent of what fans have heard on “Yellowstone.” This could be one of John Dutton’s ancestors talking, which would make his tone not entirely surprising.

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Paramount Network

#3: What Does The Man Say In The Teaser Trailer?

The teaser trailer features info regarding the success of “Yellowstone” before revealing a sign bearing the show’s name (“Y: 1883”). What the teaser lacks in overt visual content, it makes up for, with a telling line of dialogue uttered by an unknown man. Is this an official yet unrevealed cast member? Stay tuned. Here is what the mystery guy says:

I don’t care if you live or die. But should you live, you’ll tell ‘em about me.

Okay, so it sounds like someone is leaving another person in a life-or-death situation that is sink-or-swim. I guess they are not the best of friends, considering the circumstances. On the flip side, things are not so bitter between them that the person speaking wants them dead outright. Strange. This “Yellowstone” fan is curious to learn if this line makes it into the final show.

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Paramount Network

#4: Who Is Starring In The “Yellowstone” Prequel?

To date, no cast members have gotten announced for “Y: 1883” yet. Hence, prospective viewers will have to stay tuned to learn who pops up in it. “Yellowstone” set a major star at the helm, recruiting a lot of familiar faces to square off opposite Kevin Costner. Personally speaking, I would expect Taylor Sheridan to recruit from within his previous projects with another marquee star. (Matthew McConaughey?? Alright, alright, alright.)

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Before starring on “Yellowstone,” Kelsey Asbille (who plays Monica Long-Dutton) starred in Taylor Sheridan’s outstanding crime drama “Wind River.” It will be fun to see if Sheridan similarly draws from the talented casts he has had in his movies through the years. To tap on his well-known movies, I would love to see Jeff Bridges, Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Brolin, or Benicio del Toro (“Sicario”) pop up.

Interestingly, Josh Holloway would have been perfect to star as the patriarch of an earlier Dutton family. Holloway is already killing it on “Yellowstone,” so that is probably out of the question. Stranger things have happened on television, though, and I would not mind him starring in both. Or switching over to the prequel if his run on “Yellowstone” ends.

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Paramount Network

#5: Where Can I Watch “Y: 1883” When It Premieres?

“Y: 1883” is heading straight for streaming via Paramount+. What does that mean? Well, unlike “Yellowstone,” which fans can watch on the Paramount Network, its prequel series is not headed there. At least, not initially, which makes enjoying a marathon of “Y: 1883” by watching Paramount Network through Philo, doubtful.

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“Yellowstone” is available through watching it via cable, Philo, and streaming it on Peacock. As for Paramount+, it already exists (sort of). The name marks a rebranding for the currently-named CBS All Access. The conversion happens on March 4, so stay tuned. It has not even changed over yet, and it is already raking in some exciting original series.

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Paramount Network

#6: Does “Y: 1883” Have A Premiere Date?

Not yet. The positive news is that it should not stay that way forever. Plus, the Duttons will not be far from fans’ hearts for long. It may be a while before fans learn more about the family’s past. However, television will not be without the deliciously dramatic Duttons for long. “Yellowstone” Season 4 premieres this summer on Paramount Network.

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While you wait for “Y: 1883” to get a premiere date, you can catch up on what we know about the Duttons so far by catching episodes on Paramount Network. If you want to, you can also stream the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” on NBCUniversal’s streamer, Peacock. Whatever gets you up in the saddle.