Best Movies Of 2020: 'To All The Boys 2,' 'Let Him Go' And More

To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You Lana Condor Lara Jean Noah Centineo Peter Jordan Fisher John Ambrose Netflix

As was the case last year, 2020 was more dominated by TV than it was movies. That is not to say there were not some exceedingly excellent titles that should go unworthy of praise. “To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You,” anyone? On that note, fifteen titles made it onto this list of 2020’s Best Movies. Five less than what vied for spots on the Best TV of 2020 list.

So, what were the Best Movies of 2020 in yours truly’s humble opinion? The top fifteen features an assortment of genres from romance to horror to suspense and comedy. If you have followed Eclectic Pop this year, you may have a hint at what rounds out the list. There are more than a few surprises, though, so please keep reading.

Evil Eye

Blumhouse (“Truth or Dare”) turns out a crafty spin on the wary-parent/daughter’s boyfriend subgenre. At the core of the movie is the question of if Usha’s worst fears about her daughter’s boyfriend are true. “Evil Eye” leaves you guessing until the end.

Attraction 2: Invasion

This 2020 release did something few sequels can – it delivered. A worthy sequel to the alien invasion thriller “Attraction” arms itself with incredible visuals and a suspenseful conclusion. If there is a threequel, I will be there for it.

Ginny Weds Sunny

A movie’s seemingly spoilery title has never played with so much suspense (and marvelous music) during its runtime. Ginny and Sunny spend most of the movie in conflict, leaving viewers riveted as to how their relationship will end up, and if the title will come true.

The Night Clerk

Ana de Armas strikes again with another murder mystery that proves she is one of Hollywood’s shiniest rising stars. Add in a terrific lead performance by Tye Sheridan (“Joe”), and you have an excellent showcase for both actors.

Mrs. Serial Killer

A unique plot with unexpected twists and turns gets super-charged by Jacqueline Fernandez’s mega-watt performance. When a wife sets her mind on freeing her murder suspect husband, anything and everything goes. Did I mention the plot surprisingly unravels?

The Occupant

There is nothing paint-by-the-numbers about this chilling psychological thriller that toys with the scariest villain: greed. To that point, it would take a huge reach in memory to recall the last time a movie has left this viewer more disquieted.

You've Got This Ahรญ te Encargo Mauricio Ochmann Alex Alejandro Matteo Giannini Alan Netflix

You’ve Got This

This complicated dramedy takes a compelling deep dive into a husband’s dream to be a father while his wife dreams of remaining childless. Funny and smart with loads of heart, it is tough to beat this rom-com about what happens after the I-dos.

The Last Moment of Clarity

A man thinks he spots his dead girlfriend at the place you would least expect -- in a movie theater. Only she is not there to see a movie. She is starring in one. Is he losing touch with reality? Or is it her? This nifty thriller boasts a neat premise and an excellent execution.

The Silencing

“Game of Thrones” favorite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau makes the most of his starring role in this brooding and equally gripping thriller. “The Silencing” is arguably better than “Prisoners,” and that is saying something because the latter has come to define this gritty crime subgenre.

Miss Americana

Taylor Swift lets her guard down in this searing doc, and the result is a glimmering glimpse into the inner workings of a musical genius. Swift has let her music speak for her over the last few years. So, for her to speak directly on her behalf provides insight beyond measure.

The Wrong Missy 

Laughs are easy to find in this stellar two-hander that finds David Spade holding his own with scene-stealer Lauren Lapkus. Hopefully, a long-term comic team-up between Spade and Lapkus was born in 2020, and it gets a quicker follow-up than Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s.


The best action sequences of the year belong to this wonderfully-executed Chris Hemsworth starrer set in Bangladesh. Beyond the thrills and adventure is a heartfelt tale of redemption and second chances as Ovi and Tyler’s bond strengthens while repeatedly dodging death.

Let Him Go

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (aka Johnathan and Martha Kent) re-team for this unexpected, haunting, and chilling suspense drama about grandparents trying to get their grandson back. What follows is a journey those who did not watch the trailer could not have anticipated. (Raises hand.)

The Lie

Deception has never proved more riveting of a rabbit hole to crawl through. An edge-of-your-seat dramatic thriller that puts viewers in a what-if scenario that demands tough answers. “The Lie” was a rare entry for 2020 – a unique premise refreshingly postured and delivered.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

I love you too, the “To All the Boys” movies, and this charming second chapter proves why. In it, Lara Jean gets embroiled in a love triangle when Jordan Fisher’s John Ambrose joins the fun. Fisher’s brilliantly amiable performance provides a refreshing third angle to the movie series. So, what is next? A third movie, of course. Janel Parrish, who plays Margot, revealed an early 2021 release date to Entertainment Tonight.


One honorable mention of 2020 belongs to “Offering to the Storm.” The Baztรกn trilogy got an intriguing closing chapter in 2020 that, while imperfect, is also pretty freaking watchable. Marta Etura deserves the lion’s share of the credit for that. Overall, 2020 was a robust year for movies with a sprinkle of standouts among every genre. Time will tell what 2021 holds!