'The Blacklist' Season 8 Finale Raw Reaction: Will I Ever Watch Again?

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Will Hart / NBC

“The Blacklist” has bid farewell with a Season 8 finale that has left fans reeling. In an Eclectic Pop first, I am taking to YouTube (yes, Eclectic Pop has a YouTube channel) to share my raw reaction to last night’s season-ender. It was a lot to take in, folks. To the point, I did not feel like writing about it. Yes, I will answer if I ever plan to watch again.

Spoilers for “The Blacklist” Season 8 finale get discussed below.

Instead, I took to my pink microphone and recorded less than 30 minutes after watching the episode. Emotions were raw, and I kind of let it all fly. In the final moments of the Season 8 finale, “The Blacklist” appeared to kill off Liz Keen (goodbye Task Force). Is she really dead? I get into it. And what about the other elephant in the room?

Liz died without learning who Red really is, and viewers did not have any better luck. They did not find out either. No matter your emotional state at the moment, I hope to have you covered. I do laugh at some dark moments, but that is only because I laugh when I talk about something sad. So, please do not hold it against me.

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In related news, I do get into some of the possibilities moving forward as “The Blacklist” readies for Season 9 without one of its major stars. It is important to note that Megan Boone is not the only vital part of “The Blacklist” family leaving the show, and it could be the show’s unfettered death blow.

The series’ creator and the genius at the epicenter of its sprawling mythos, Jon Bokenkamp, announced on Twitter that he is also exiting after eight seasons. After recording last night, I learned of Bokenkamp’s departure, so it will not be mentioned in the following YouTube installment. Check out the video below:

As I said in the intro, please be kind. This “Blacklist” hot take is the first YouTube video I have ever done like this, and it is going to take some finessing to make them better. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you in advance for watching and listening. For the links to stories I have referenced, please look down in the video’s description box. 

“The Blacklist” is heading into a rough sea. There will be even more emotions to sift through as the events of the Season 8 finale continue to wash over viewers, including the significant exits. Jon Bokenkamp’s exit is a game-changer, and it might impact my answer on watching this fall. We will see, though. Season 9 is slated to premiere this fall on NBC.