'El Cid' Season 2 Ending Explained: How It Sets Up Season 3 On Amazon

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“El Cid” (“The Legend of El Cid”) Season 2 comes and goes with a game-changing ending. With five episodes under its impressive belt, the Amazon series concludes on the edge of a huge turning point that easily sets up Season 3. So how does “El Cid” do it? It is time to get into it.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of “El Cid” Season 2 is discussed in detail below.

For most of Season 2, “El Cid” centers on the aftermath of King Ferdinand’s will and testament, which split the kingdom apart in Season 1. Ferdinand giving his second-youngest son, Alfonso, the keys to Lรฉon understandably alienates Sancho. However, for the other siblings, their father’s decision is not quite as divisive. Urraca plans to be the hand behind Alfonso while Sancho broods over his elder sister and her machinations with their younger brother.

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In truth, Elvira, and her brother Garcia, are the least conflicted of the siblings. Elvira laments missing out on marriage and a family. Garcia is not nearly as unhappy as Elvira or their elder brother Sancho, though. He is ready to break into his own. That does not last long because by the time “El Cid” Season 2 ends, Sancho has control of nearly all of his siblings’ inherited lands except for one’s -- Urraca’s.

Does Sancho win Lรฉon from Alfonso in Season 2?

Yes. Despite Urraca and Alfonso’s dirty tactics, Sancho and Ruy win back Lรฉon. With the upper hand, Ruy and Sancho falter, providing mercy to their undeserving enemies. For Sancho, it means sparing Alfonso (with a caveat), and for Ruy, giving grace to Orduรฑo. Unfortunately, it is not enough for Urraca, who has one more trick up her Cersei-level sleeve.

How does Urraca betray Sancho?

Urraca convinces Sancho (and Alfonso) that Alfonso has taken vows as a monk and therefore disavowed ever being a monarch again. While Sancho waits for Alfonso to “seal the deal” and, as “Game of Thrones” would put it, “bend the knee” for all to see, Urraca spirits Alfonso away from Lรฉon. This understandably leaves Sancho enraged and on the warpath for Urraca.

What is the ending of “El Cid” Season 2?

For the first time in “El Cid,” Season 2, Urraca finally goes to Zaragoza. Sancho quickly recruits a weary and wary Ruy to rally the troops. He wants Urraca, and he wants her now. Ruy is reticent. Their men have barely recovered from battling Alfonso’s forces for Lรฉon. Sancho is his king, though, so Ruy relents. Sadly for Sancho, the ensuing battle at Zaragoza does not go as planned. 

Does Sancho defeat Urraca?

The short answer is no. Ruy, Sancho, and their fellow soldiers mount a valiant fight. Urraca’s strategy is too insurmountable, though, and despite a lot of blood, sweat, and a remarkable final effort by Ruy, Team Sancho loses the battle. Instead of calling it complete quits, Sancho decides to lay siege to Zaragoza, starving the people and Urraca into submission. Ruy tries to intercede, warning Urraca, and is accordingly shocked by what he sees.

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How Does Season 2 end?

Urraca decides to give herself up to spare her people. Ruy, who already holds unfettered respect for Urraca, is impressed by her choice. However, before she can do the right thing, the people of Zaragoza stop literally stop her in her tracks. They say that Zaragoza would rather starve than give in, and Urraca reticently agrees to remain. Ruy heads back with the news, and Sancho is far from moved by it. “El Cid” then ends Season 2 with a shocking confrontation.

How “El Cid” Sets Up Season 3

Disillusioned with Sancho’s stubbornness and willingness to punish innocent people in order to fulfill his vendetta against Urraca, Ruy quits. He heads off on his horse and is shown arriving at his father’s grave at some point in the future. (Ruy’s facial hair hints that substantial time has passed.) At his father’s grave, Ruy swears his hatred for Sancho. 

Who Dies in Season 2?

Ruy’s grandfather – Rodrigo -- and Sancha (the queen mother) are the major deaths that rock “El Cid.” In Rodrigo’s case, he is dying of an unknown illness when he encounters Ruy during a battle. Rodrigo begs for Ruy to perform a mercy killing, and put him down, which Ruy grudgingly does. In a dramatic parallel, Sancha also falls at the hands of a family member.

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Sancha dies in Season 2, Episode 2 of “El Cid” during a discussion with Urraca in which she accuses Urraca of seducing Alfonso. While Urraca deflects that allegation, she does admit to killing her own father in Season 1. An outraged Sancha grabs Urraca by the shoulders and accidentally falls over a balcony. Urraca is devastated but keeps her involvement a secret throughout Season 2.

Final Thoughts

The ending of Season 2 and Ruy’s falling out with Sancho does not feel entirely organic. Plus, anyone who is aware of their Spanish history knows that a game-changing event is not far off, and there is no evidence that the real Ruy acted in such a manner before it took place. So, it will be interesting to see where “El Cid” goes with this storyline.

Do the writers have a different idea regarding what comes next? “El Cid” fans will have to stay tuned. The show had teased Ruy’s loyalty to Sancho getting tested. I never expected him to run out on him, though. Hopefully, Season 3 gets made so viewers can learn if he returns. You can watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video and tons of other great shows until then.