'Heels' Season 1 Ending, Explained: How It Sets Up A Season 2

Heels Ace Spade Alexander Ludwig Crystal Tyler Kelli Berglund Starz

Starz’s wrestling drama “Heels” Season 1 recently came to a close with an ending that left a lot to talk about afterward. Unfortunately, the series has not gotten renewed for Season 2 yet, but that did not stop “Heels” from setting up a potential follow-up with its Season 1 finale. In it, Jack and Ace Spade entered the biggest ring of their life.

Update 11.4.2021: It is official! “Heels” has gotten renewed for Season 2, per its Twitter page. Let the war of Spades continue!

The brothers go a long way in Season 1, only to see their relationship tested as “Heels” progresses. Jack’s relationship with his wife is not faring any better as their marriage hangs by the fringe of a wrestling uniform. So, what happened in the Season 1 finale of “Heels,” and how does that ending set up a potential Season 2? Keep reading. 

Spoilers for the ending of “Heels” Season 1 are discussed below, so proceed with caution.

As Jack (Stephen Amell, “Arrow”) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig, “Vikings”) step into the ring with a roaring crowd, Charlie Gully arrives with revenge in mind. Gully and his cronies begin chanting for Jack and successfully turn the audience around in favor of the elder Spade brother. As “Heels” fans know, Jack’s storyline called for Ace to succeed and win the title belt finally.

Heels Jack Spade Stephen Amell Ace Spade Alexander Ludwig Starz

Who Wins Season 1’s Ending Match?

Once the crowd begins raging for Jack, his plans start to shift. As the ring gets pelted with Kleenexes, Ace begins questioning if Jack was behind it, confronting his brother with the accusation. Jack pleads his innocence with this kerfuffle but admits to being behind the initial Kleenex attack earlier in “Heels” Season 1.

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Ace is enraged to learn the truth that Jack’s wife had earlier pressured him into giving Ace, pretty much in exchange for another shot at their marriage. As Jack cops on his guilt, Ace begins pummeling Jack, and the duo ends up brawling. Thus, the brothers cancel one another out for the title belt.

Heels Bobby Pin Trey Tucker Crystal Tyler Kelli Berglund Starz

The Ending Moment

As Ace throttles Jack and threatens to kill him, Crystal enters the ring. As the crowd roars with Crystal’s entrance, the endgame becomes clear. “Heels” Season 1 ends with Crystal and Ace wrestling for the title belt, which she wins, eventually ascending the ladder to claim it. The poignant moment fuels the ending for Season 1.

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The actual ending of “Heels” Season 1 finds Jack nodding at Ace in a gesture of reconciliation, which Ace rejects. The younger Spade brother proceeds to get up, walk out of the ring, and through the tunnel. “Heels” ends Season 1 by fading out as Ace walks towards the camera. 

Heels Staci Spade Alison Luff Starz

How The Ending Sets Up Season 2

Crystal is officially a major player at the DWL with one swift victory, and Ace’s life as one of wrestling’s titular “Heels” is far from over. Season 1’s ending also leaves Jack’s dreams for the DWL at a potential high point. The crowd’s investment in Crystal indicates she is a shining star that could lift the DWL to new heights.

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As for Jack’s marriage, it is not looking good, as in “Sex/Life” level not good. Staci has awakened a sleeping part of herself, and it is doubtful she will ever want to return to who she was. (Not that she should.) So, Jack could be looking at divorce papers if “Heels” Season 2 gets picked up. I am not sure that Staci has been entirely fair to Jack, though. 

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Thoughts On The Season 1 Ending

In fairness, Jack is on the precipice of huge things with the DWL, and it seems selfish of Staci to rock the boat now. At the same time, though, Staci has dreams too, and Jack is often too blinded by his ambitions to pay close attention to them. They definitely need to see a therapist. Thankfully, it is not “Ozark”-level terrible between them.

Oh, and if you are wondering about Wild Bill, well, he becomes indisposed mid-fight due to the pills he took. The ensuing improvisation takes Bill out of the equation, leaving the fight between the Spade brothers, or at least, it appears that way at first. But, to his credit, Wild Bill does summon the courage to clothesline Gully as he tries to interfere.

Thanks to Wild Bill, the finale is salvaged as Season 1 ends with a thrilled Crystal taking the title belt. What does the future hold for her? Season 2 will have to reveal that. Crystal’s victory is the feel-good moment of the season, though. Want to see it for yourself? You can watch “Heels” Season 1 on Starz or via the Starz app.