Amazon Prime Is Giving 'Gran Hotel' Fans a Limited-Time Treat

Gran Hotel Julio Olmedo Yon González Alicia Alarcón Amaia Salamanca 
Feijoo-Montenegro / Antena 3

At this point, you are probably really missing “Gran Hotel.” It is true! Fans need some uplifting news, and Amazon Prime Video has it courtesy of another TV series streaming on the service for a limited time. Season 1 of “Under Suspicion” (“Bajo Sospecha”) stars several “Gran Hotel” actors in leading roles, including Yon González (Julio, “Gran Hotel), and he is not alone.

Fresh off of “Money Heist” Season 5 Volume 1, Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin in that Netflix series, can also get seen in “Under Suspicion.” It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video until November 30, 2021. So, you will need to get right on it. In an interesting side note of trivia, the series originally aired from 2014 to 2016, a year after “Gran Hotel” originally finished airing. 

“Gran Hotel” ended in 2013. So, what brought so many cast members back together? Done serving tea, Yon González is trying to serve up justice in “Under Suspicion.” Season 1 is comprised of 8 episodes and tells of the investigation into the disappearance of a 7-year-old girl from her and her twin’s first communion party at her family’s restaurant. 

So, forget the intrigues of the “Gran Hotel,” and prepare to get engrossed by the inner workings of a restaurant. It is going to get juicy! The good news that is worth spoiling because it may make viewers not want to watch is that the missing girl Ali is still alive in the first episode. 

“Under Suspicion” accordingly sets the stage for a high-stakes battle to get to her in time. Yon González plays one of two police officers who are assigned to go undercover to infiltrate the family and find the girl. In another dramatic twist, the cops are also posing as husband and wife. That is not the only fun development.

Pedro Alonso played Julio’s main rival and bitter enemy in “Gran Hotel,” but in “Under Suspicion,” he and Yon González share no such on-screen tension. (At least, not so far.) Instead, Alonso portrays the devastated father of the missing girl. Like many of his family members, the dad has his share of secrets, which could connect to his daughter’s disappearance. Or at least it seems like that could be the case.

In a final “Gran Hotel” flourish, Lluís Homar (Jesús on the costume drama) plays Yon González’s boss again. This time Homar is the commissioner of police, Casas. It should be a treat for “Gran Hotel” fans to see the cast together again in different roles. The good news is that Pedro Alonso is not playing a villain, and Yon González is still playing a roguish hero. It’s a win-win.

Not since “High Seas” Season 3 landed has so much good been done for a “Gran Hotel” loving heart with their connecting canons. The only downside to that show is it getting cancelled and having to wrap up so abruptly. All of this amid “Gran Hotel” disappearing from streaming services in the US has made it a tough year. Thankfully, there are alternatives to watch.

The Spanish-language cult favorite about a pair of star-crossed lovers who find love and mystery at a family-owned and operated hotel is beloved for a reason. Sadly for fans, the TV series is no longer streaming on Netflix or anywhere else with English subtitles in the US at the moment. Thus, making Amazon Prime Video’s limited-time addition of “Under Suspicion” to its library an unexpected treat.

The Spanish-language series with English subtitles is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video until November 30, 2021. Season 2 is not streaming for Prime Members. You will have to start a 7-day free trial of PBS Masterpiece to enjoy that. After watching the first episode, “Under Suspicion” has me hooked. Here is to getting the chance to see more of what the “Gran Hotel” cast has in store.