Is 'The Sounds' Ending With Season 1? Or Returning For Season 2?

The Sounds Rachelle Lefevre Maggie Cabbott Acorn TV
Acorn TV

Last year, “The Sounds” premiered on Acorn TV. The first season bowed in September of 2020. It is tough to believe that a year has already passed by since then. In that time, a question has remained for those who enjoyed it. Will there be a Season 2 of “The Sounds” be on Acorn TV? Eclectic Pop has the answer.

Sadly, “The Sounds” fans will not be hearing a Season 2. That is right. Like “Straight Forward,” there are currently no plans for a second season at Acorn TV, per an Acorn TV representative. Thankfully, Season 1 wrapped up without a cliffhanger. Whether it satisfactorily concluded the storyline at play is another question. Spoilers for the ending of “The Sounds” Season 1 are disclosed below.

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The mystery series starring Rachelle Lefevre centered on a wife who moves to New Zealand to join her husband, who has embarked on a business venture. After spending months apart, Tom (Matt Whelan) and Maggie (Lefevre) decide to celebrate their reunion by going out on a boat.

Their reunion gets ruined when Tom disappears at the beginning of “The Sounds.” As the ensuing investigation unravels the truth, it reveals shocking truths about Tom and Maggie. It turns out that Maggie and Tom were both in on the scam to fake Tom’s death. Furthermore, Tom has murdered Pania’s son by the end of the series yet still escaped to enjoy freedom. (Maddening!) 

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For her part, Maggie chooses to make a legitimate start in New Zealand. There is even a hint that Maggie will pursue a romance with a local policeman, Jack (Matt Nable). “The Sounds” may end without a cliffhanger, but it is tough to handle Tom getting away with everything. Unfortunately, it is a bitter pill that Season 2 will not help fans swallow.

Despite that, are you okay with “The Sounds” ending with Season 1? Would you have preferred to come back for Season 2? “Sound” off in the comments section below! (wink) You can stream the first and only season of “The Sounds” on Acorn TV.