Is The Drama 'Straight Forward' Getting A Season 2 On Acorn TV?

Straight Forward Sylvia Cecilie Stenspil Acorn TV
Acorn TV

If you enjoyed Acorn TV’s captivating con-artist drama “Straight Forward,” you probably have one major question on your mind. Is there going to be a Season 2? Two years since it bowed on the popular streaming service, Eclectic Pop has the exclusive answer to that burning question, and it is surprising news.

The “straight” answer is that there are currently no plans for a Season 2 of “Straight Forward,” per an Acorn TV rep that Eclectic Pop reached out to for comment. The news is bittersweet for fans who enjoyed the characters and New Zealand’s stunning scenery. There is a silver lining, though.

The ending of “Straight Forward” provides closure for viewers. Sylvia (Cecilie Stenspil) avenges her father and gets her terrible ex-husband out of her life. She also forges a stronger new bond with her daughter, Ida (Marie Boda). In another bright spot, Sylvia embraces her burgeoning relationship with Adam (Matthew Walker). Thus, all indications are that a happy ending lies ahead for the main characters.

So, that means you can enjoy the first and only season of “Straight Forward” as a miniseries. For the uninitiated, the drama follows Sylvia, a single mom and career con artist whose father/mentor gets killed by a gangster. Going on the lamb, Sylvia sets up a new life in New Zealand (sans Brad from “Sex/Life”) and decides to get revenge.

The show premiered back in 2019 and instantly became a memorable entry. As time has passed, hopes for Season 2 have dimmed through the years. Thankfully, fans now have an answer. “Straight Forward” is now streaming on Acorn TV alongside a lot of other marvelous TV series, including those that do have a second season.