'Tiger King' Season 2: Does It Provide Enough New Info To Watch?

Tiger King Joe Exotic Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage  Netflix

“Tiger King” roars again. Netflix has brought back the wild docuseries for a Season 2, and if you are anything like the person writing this, you have your doubts. In fact, you are probably uncertain about watching it. So, how could “Tiger King” possibly provide enough new info to warrant a second season? Well, the answer may surprise you.

New information, new faces, and many explosive details about the story -- we all thought we knew after watching the first “Tiger King” -- come to the surface in Season 2. Among the streamer’s best, the hit Netflix docuseries did not come to play. It came to slay, and boy does it ever. In a surprise, considering the super-deep dive of its predecessor, “Tiger King” manages to cough up more of them.

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There are five episodes in “Tiger King” Season 2 compared with the eight episodes of the first season. However, despite there being three fewer installments, “Tiger King” more than makes up for it with the fireworks Season 2 has in store for viewers. Picking up in the aftermath of the Netflix docuseries’ staggering success, a lot has changed, and yet everything remains the same.

The Season 2 premiere deals with Joe Exotic’s ill-fated bid for a presidential pardon, while other episodes deal with the mysterious disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis. “Tiger King” takes the time to catch everyone up on the phenomena following Season 1 before delving deeper than ever into the unsolved mystery of the vanishing act surrounding Lewis.

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There is a surprising amount of new information and, as expected, new players to share and handle that info. To say that the saga surrounding “Tiger King” is far from over would be an understatement. The Netflix docuseries turns over a lot of interesting rocks in Season 2, and some intriguing people help reveal their underside.

Season 2 is not a rehash of Season 1. It helps flesh it out better by providing a lot of insightful new interviews with people who know genuinely mind-blowing things, as well as from those determined to learn the truth surrounding the “Tiger King” mythos. Season 2 is not a waste of time or a re-tread. There is a lot to sift through here in a way that would make “Dateline” proud.

I have to say that after “Tiger King” fever hit, I was disappointed with some of the takes that ran in mainstream media coverage. In truth, though, the best show to tell the story of “Tiger King” is the Netflix docuseries. Thankfully, it is back to do that in spades with its captivating new chapter. Season 2 is worth clawing your way through. Watch out, 2021 TV has a great new entry.