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Is 'Money Heist' Season 5 Volume 2 A Satisfying Ending Chapter?

Money Heist La Casa de Papel Álvaro Morte Sergio Marquina The Professor El Profesor Salvador Salva Martín Netflix
Tamara Arranz Ramos / Netflix

“Money Heist” (aka “La Casa de Papel”) reaches its ending with Season 5, Volume 2. The question any fan worth their salt probably wants to know is if it is a satisfying one? Pulling off a good ending is the most complex challenge that every TV series or film franchise faces. So, in essence, it has come down to this. The five final episodes define “Money Heist.” Does it live or die by them?

Because fans have been left in a sordid web of suspense since “Money Heist” began its seasons-long attempt on the Bank of Spain, it seems wrong to tease my answer. So, to put it plainly, “Money Heist” absolutely lives by its ending. The series goes out in picture-perfect fashion that weaves its original and newly introduced elements together with beautiful synergy.

The Professor and Lisbon’s love story is on full display, along with his captivating dynamic with Alicia Sierra. Fans will also be delighted to know there is resolution to the inexplicably rocky turn in Stockholm and Denver’s marriage. All told, “Money Heist” springs to life after Tokyo’s death. With that character switching roles from an agitator to a motivator, the show shakes sufficient shackles from its feet.

Season 5 Volume 2 of “Money Heist” is the best installment since Season 3. It is nimble, spry, and surprising. As a series, it fully embraces its sense of magic as it pulls on its gifts for illusion and the abracadabra of it all. Perhaps, most importantly, it breathes humanity back into the gang and makes you root for them one more time.

As a series, “Money Heist” hit some highs and lows. Thankfully, it goes out with its held high due to an ending that delivers on the groundwork it set beforehand. Plus, Coldplay’s “Fix You” plays in the final episode, and it is as emotionally-charged, and ideally used as you would expect. As a result, “Money Heist” Season 5, Volume 2 spins gold on Netflix.