'Mystery 101' Episodes: The Order Of The Movies, Explained

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Back in 2019, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans got introduced to one of its finest crime-solving teams via “Mystery 101.” In the debut movie of the series, viewers met literature professor Amy Winslow (Jill Wagner) and dogged police detective Travis Burke (Kristoffer Polaha). As of 2022, there has been seven installments (or episodes) total, which begs a crucial question. In what order are the “Mystery 101” movies?

It is a mystery that can be solved. This article will reveal the order of the seven “Mystery 101” movies released so far. Of course, you can keep in mind that at the end of 2021, Kristoffer Polaha revealed that an eighth installment is happening. It is supposed to be filmed at some point this year. So, stay tuned (and excited) for that. For now, this is what we have to work with, so without further ado, let’s begin!

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1. The Pilot

This is where we meet Amy (Jill Wagner) and Travis (Kristoffer Polaha) amid a dark mystery rocking the campus. Sparks fly right off the bat, and things only get better between the dynamic pair. Since it is the very first “Mystery 101” movie, it does not have a title. It simply goes by “Pilot.” The titles will only get more creative from here.

2. “Mystery 101: Playing Dead”

A local theater production spells murder, and Amy and Travis work to solve it. In the second outing of the series, “Mystery 101: Playing Dead,” provides an elaborate murder mystery that draws Amy and Travis into each other’s orbit. Their working relationship, flourishing friendship, and mutual respect for one another deepen in the second movie. Their romance remains at a slow boil, and their chemistry remains ever-present.

3. “Mystery 101: Words Can Kill”

One of yours truly’s personal favorites in the “Mystery 101” series (so far). In the third movie, “Mystery 101: Words Can Kill,” Amy and Travis investigate a murder that embroils Amy’s dad, Graham (Robin Thomas), and his bitter feud with his former BFF and his former editor. I love whenever Mr. Winslow is more involved in the plots. Plus, he is the best Amy/Travis shipper on the planet! 

4. “Mystery 101: Dead Talk”

In a play on TED Talks, Amy’s former boyfriend gets her tangled up in a murder mystery that Travis and Amy must solve. The involvement of Amy’s ex in the fourth movie -- “Mystery 101: Dead Talk” -- helps bolster the uncurrent of romantic tension between Amy and Travis. There is nothing like a former flame to help ignite the potential of a new one.

5. “Mystery 101: An Education in Murder”

In the fifth “Mystery 101,” Amy and Travis tackle the possibility of a wrongfully convicted man. It is another solid mystery with lots of surprising twists and nifty turns. “Mystery 101: An Education in Murder” is tightly constructed, and the mystery only deepens with each scene. It is definitely one of the best installments.

6. “Mystery 101: Killer Timing”

This movie is the one that truly kicked off Travis and Amy’s feelings for each other, finally combusting in full-on Hallmark fashion. Weirdly, it ignited after Amy meets Travis’ ex-wife, FBI agent Kate Coulson (Hallmark scene-stealer Erin Cahill). Kate and Amy’s sweet friendship actually draws Amy closer to Travis in a lovely development. We love mature adults!

7. “Mystery 101: Deadly History”

To date, the latest installment of “Mystery 101” and the bees’ knees where Amy and Travis are concerned. The duo finally admits their feelings for one another, and their bond has never been deeper. Unfortunately, that crazy cliffhanger happened too. Amy’s dad playing such a big role only added to the fun. Hopefully, Mr. Winslow (I feel weird calling him “Graham”) can help bring Amy and Travis back together.

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There you have it. This covers the order of the “Mystery 101” movies. Would you be interested in me ranking my favorite “Mystery 101s” from last to first? Let me know by leaving a comment below and letting Eclectic Pop know your favorite episode! I am curious to read your answers. 😊 In the meantime, you can catch “Mystery 101” repeats on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.