Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022: What Was The Best One?

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Hallmark Christmas movies have become as commonplace a holiday tradition as bringing out your tinsel and setting out your bows. And let’s face it, drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying some popcorn while you are at it. If you managed to have such delicious snacks, they came in handy. In 2022, Hallmark and its sister network -- Hallmark Movies & Mysteries -- cooked up some real movie treats.

So, what were the best Hallmark Christmas movies of 2022? Interestingly, the most engaging ones proved to be from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The added suspense was the X factor that gave them that extra Christmas edge. “Long Lost Christmas” and “Maple Valley Christmas” proved especially effective at building tension throughout their respective runtimes.

The Best Hallmark Christmas Movie of 2022 Is…

In the end, the movie that came out on top as the familial favorite turned out to be from the OG -- Hallmark Channel -- via “Noel Next Door.” In it, Corey Sevier stars as a Christmas grinch whose perfect romance with a diner waitress is threatened by neither being aware they are each other’s frustrating unidentified neighbor.

To its credit, Hallmark takes on ableism and accordingly digs deeper than normal on the emotional front. The wire-crossing formula undermining the couple is also messier than usual, and the characters are allowed to be flawed instead of picture-perfect. It is a sign that Hallmark’s storytelling is maturing.

Meanwhile, Corey Sevier’s heightened Hallmark presence over the last few years has been a beyond delightful development. And “Noel Next Door” perfectly sums up why he should be one of the network’s leading stars as it continues building its roster. Sevier’s chemistry with co-star Natalie Hall with whom he previously starred in Hallmark Channel’s “Road Trip Romance,” works nicely here.

I Must Confess

I came into Christmas 2022 feeling a bit grinchy after my disastrous 2021 Christmas and seriously considered skipping Hallmark movies altogether this year. (Yes, seriously. Me, one of Hallmark’s biggest fans.) I could not handle a beautiful, dreamy, yuletide romance this year. Thankfully, I relented and watched via Philo – the best way to watch Hallmark. (This is not an ad.)

As easy as breathing, I went through Philo’s guide and steadily added to my watchlist before I knew it. After watching 14 Hallmark original movies from 2022’s schedule, I feel confident with my pick for this year’s best Hallmark Christmas movie. Of course, it is worth mentioning that it was not an easy decision as this year’s slate was especially strong.

Final Thoughts

There were original ideas that finally broke ground outside of the dreaded 1:45 happiness curse and heartfelt stories that conjured deeper character development. Heck, “Three Wise Men and a Baby” barely had a romantic subplot, which was a refreshing change of pace even for a hopeless romantic like me. Should every movie follow suit? No. It was just a pleasant refrain.

Hallmark Christmas movies are just getting better. That is a rare trajectory, as many who follow television know. As much as I miss Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ classic whodunits and wish it would restore them, there is nothing to complain about on the holiday side of things. This year’s Countdown to Christmas helped me feel better when I thought I would feel worse. How is that for bringing Christmas spirit? Pretty impressive in my book.