'Crossword Mysteries' On Hallmark: Are They Still Making Them?

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So, you just watched all of the “Crossword Mysteries” to date, and you are wondering if they are still making them. Well, if you have been paying attention to what has been going on over on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries, lately, you might be getting a sinking feeling. Here is what you need to know about the popular series’ future.

Are they still making “Crossword Mysteries”?

Eclectic Pop reached out to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries for comment in late June 2022 inquiring as to if there were any updates on a new “Crossword Mysteries” movie. To which, a Hallmark rep responded there was no news to share. If that sounds disheartening to you, brace yourself. The non-update comes on the heels of “Mystery 101” fans receiving their own ominous news.

In early summer 2022, “Mystery 101” co-lead Jill Wagner told fans that the next movie in the popular franchise was in a holding pattern. In a video posted to her Instagram, Wagner speculated that Hallmark was heading in “another direction.” Fans of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries have doubtlessly picked up on that recently. The network’s newest “mysteries” have trended more towards personal mysteries than ones involving murder.

There Is A Backstory

Like “Mystery 101” at one point, “Crossword Mysteries” had also seemed on track to continue with new movies. Back in January 2020, “Crossword Mysteries” star Brennan Elliott tweeted that three more “Crossword Mysteries” would film in the summer of 2020 (via It’s a Stampede). Two years later, those movies have (still) not come to fruition.

COVID-19 broke loose in March 2020, which could have impacted Hallmark’s movement on the “Crossword Mysteries” front. However, the cabler successfully moved forward with filming other movies, including its Christmas content. Nothing inherently evident would make filming one of the cabler’s murder mysteries any more difficult than its lovely romances. Therefore, it seems doubtful that Hallmark’s decision is COVID-related.

“Crossword Mysteries” Isn’t The Only Hallmark Series With A Mysterious Fate

It is important to note that “Crossword Mysteries” is not alone in taking a disheartening direction. As mentioned above, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series “Mystery 101” has too. Like Brennan Elliott had for his series, “Mystery 101” co-lead - Kristoffer Polaha - had given fans an assuring update at the end of 2021. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Polaha had stated a new movie in that series was set to film in 2022.

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Halfway through the year, there is still no visible progress, and the news gets worse. Kristoffer Polaha’s co-star, Jill Wagner, gave fans another update in early summer 2022. Taking to Instagram, Wagner indicated “Mystery 101” is at a standstill despite the series ending with a super-upsetting cliffhanger. It seems that Hallmark may not leave its deck shuffling to “Mystery 101” alone, a surprising move considering Hallmark’s relationship with the stars of “Crossword Mysteries.”

Hallmark Signed Its Stars

In February 2022, Hallmark announced Lacey Chabert had signed a multi-year overall deal with Chabert, strengthening their relationship for years to come. The following month, Hallmark announced the same deal with Brennan Elliott. Sadly, it does not seem like the duo is set to reteam on their mystery series soon.

What makes that particular tidbit regarding the overall deals interesting is Candace Cameron Bure’s decision to leave Hallmark for an agreement with GAC. It had seemed to trigger Hallmark’s decision to cancel the Bure-led “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.” What if it was the other way around, though? Cue some suspense.

Final Thoughts

The following is speculation only - but with Hallmark seemingly ending “Mystery 101” and “Crossword Mysteries” for the foreseeable future - could Bure have seen the writing on the wall? Was “Aurora Teagarden” destined to end, and she based her decision on that? It feels plausible when you consider recent events.

The “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” were a huge part of Candace Cameron Bure’s Hallmark footprint. Without them, Bure could have continued her romantic comedy work, especially during Christmas. Within a matter of months, “Aurora Teagarden” is over, “Mystery 101” is in flux (to be kind), and “Crossword Mysteries” has no discernable forward motion.