Is Netflix's 'The Tailor' Starring Çağatay Ulusoy Must-See TV?

The Tailor Terzi Cagatay Ulusoy Peyami Dokumacı Netflix

I have a confession to make -- I cannot stop thinking about “The Tailor” (“Terzi”) on Netflix. Fans are currently waiting for Season 2, and the gap is brutal. The uber-dramatic TV series starring Çağatay Ulusoy as the best-dressed character since Chuck Bass is everything you could want in a drama. It takes a second to get going as Season 1 shores up its sea legs with some intricate plotting.

Once it leaves shore, “The Tailor” sails in waters as smooth as silk draped around one of Peyami’s creations. Set in modern-day Istanbul, the Netflix series follows Peyami Dokumacı (Çağatay Ulusoy, “The Protector”), a highly successful fashion designer and the eponymous “tailor.” Much like his designs obscure and accentuate the body, so is Peyami’s carefully crafted life.

All of Peyami’s best-laid plans begin to unravel after the sudden death of his beloved grandfather. Hidden away from the glitz and glamor of Istanbul is Peyami’s family and, most importantly, his father with special needs, Mustafa (Olgun Şimşek). Left without a caregiver, Mustafa, and the rest of Peyami’s family, including his Machiavellian grandma and the family’s entourage, move to Istanbul and into his mansion.

It is a lot in very little time.

As if Peyami does not have enough going on, his best friend Dimitri (a terrific Salih Bademci) is getting married, and Peyami is handling the wedding dress. What no one can predict is that Dimitri’s bride is about to collide with Peyami in more ways than any viewer could imagine. “The Tailor” twists and turns on this and many other complex layers.

At no point does the Turkish series bite off more than it can chew. It savors every morsel of the story as pensively as Peyami considers where to cut an inch of fabric. Much like a fine design, it is only when you step back that you can truly appreciate it for all it is. After devouring Season 1 of “The Tailor,” my and my family’s appetite for Season 2 has only grown. 

Making us wait a while, “The Tailor” Season 2 is set to premiere Friday, July 28, on Netflix. Thankfully, Season 1 ends with a risky cliffhanger that will not leave viewers hanging indefinitely. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. The cast is excellent, and Çağatay Ulusoy is well-suited to the central role.

Peyami is an enigma that Ulusoy does a good job of containing with enough emotional undercurrent to remind viewers the heart behind Peyami’s story remains largely unseen. Unlike other series, “The Tailor” Season 1 gets better (not worse) as more information is revealed. You can watch the trailer for Season 2 below (spoiler alert):

Who else is ready to see where “The Tailor” goes in Season 2? Are lots of hands raised? I knew it! “The Tailor” gradually gains momentum in every Season 1 episode, and it is impossible not to get caught in its grip. Few shows can manage that feat, and this Netflix series is perfectly tailored to get it.

Season 1 of “The Tailor” is currently streaming on Netflix alongside a ton of other great movies and TV shows.

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