Hi! I'm Back After Long Break. But Did I See 'Barbie' Movie?

Barbie Movie Margot Robbie Dancing Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Welcome back to Eclectic Pop! Thank you so much for coming back here. (Unfortunately, I have not seen the “Barbie” movie yet.) Yes, even though I have been gone long enough for the movie to gross over $1 billion, per WSJ. If it is any consolation, “Barbie” coverage (doll and movie) has been a major bright spot during my time away.

Some of that coverage included YouTuber -- HopeScope -- providing epic nostalgia by opening discontinued Barbies. She also opened up all of the Barbie Dreamhouses. You are probably dying to know which one my sister and I got. For Christmas, we got the 1999 Dreamhouse. Ours is white (not pink), and it is still immaculate. 💗

But I digress.

Normally, yours truly comes back from a considerable break without acknowledging it. This time too much has changed to ignore this unplanned sabbatical. First of all, Eclectic Pop has a brand new look. Thank you, LoveLogicDesign! 🎉

Secondly, there is going to be new content forthcoming. It may be shorter (or longer) – whatever the material needs. Hopefully, that sounds appealing.

As for why I have been gone for so long. The new look took a lot of time, but that was not the only thing I worked on during the “break.” Eclectic Pop’s mascot – Chewy the Pom – needed his site redone, his YouTube further developed, and his Merch store refreshed and replenished.

Eclectic Pop is no longer my solo online presence, and the others require attention. Plus, doing YouTube is no joke, and Eclectic Pop’s channel continues to receive effort. While I used a pre-designed template for Eclectic Pop, everything you see is populated with, and the content is written by one person – me.

That includes Eclectic Pop’s YouTube channel, social media presence, Chewy’s site (YouTube, etc.), and when I find time, I put something up on my personal blog. All of this, being a solo effort, may change someday.

If it does, you will know.

Of course, handling all of this can be draining, and it leads to me needing breaks. Do I wonder if I could do more if I did not have fibromyalgia and all that comes with it? Absolutely. Do I think about getting help? Yes, and if I could afford it, I would.

It is a little wild to imagine all of that.

Instead of floating back into your inbox, I wanted to be more real with you. Perhaps, Carrie and company are having some effect on me. Or is it being 33? 😬 Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy the site’s new look. Feel free to comment with any thoughts about that or anything else. Oh, and is there anyone left who has *not* seen the “Barbie” movie?