Is 'And Just Like That' Season 2 Any Good? An Honest Review

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“And Just Like That…” We are back with Season 2 of the “Sex and the City” sequel series on Max. Some things have changed, and others have stayed the same. Relatively fresh from the -- HBO Max to Max -- transformation, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte have returned relatively unscathed.

For the most part, everyone is where we left them. “And Just Like That…” Season 2 picks up three weeks after the Season 1 finale that witnessed Carrie part ways with Big’s ashes in Paris. Carrie’s life continues to endure one quick change after another, while Charlotte continues to multi-task her frenetic world. Meanwhile, on the west coast, Miranda is living her best life in Los Angeles with Che.

Three episodes into Season 2 and the trio’s new friends are also wading into their next chapters with timid exuberance. Nya, Seema, Lisa, and Che are fascinating additions to the “Sex and the City” universe. I love them. Overall, “And Just Like That…” has yet to make a profoundly sore move despite critical claims to the contrary.

Oh, and a Pomeranian helped Seema find something precious!

Carrie’s galling decision to part ways with the uber-lovable Franklin is the only thing that confounds. Perhaps, he was too perfect of a catch at this point in Carrie’s grief journey? Carrie, like Seema, seems to be avoiding a true shot at love. Speaking of Seema, her BS detector is everything. Love lives aside, “And Just Like That…” is a refreshing break from this viewer’s rather mundane reality.

There is something so cozy about the Max series. It is like being cold and covering up with a heated blanket – instant relief. Could I go for being able to binge-watch Season 2? Yes. Is that a deal-breaker? Absolutely not. Having given myself a bit of a gap between when “And Just Like That…” returned and I began watching Season 2, there is a sense of a makeshift binge.

So far, Season 2 has provided moments of laughter, introspection, and fun fashion. “Sex and the City” and its costume design are synonymous. Would it be nice if someone were allowed to wear flats exclusively? Sure. Would Carrie Bradshaw allow it? We both know the answer to that. “And Just Like That…” yours truly is already eagerly awaiting a Season 3 renewal.

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