I Watched Netflix's 'Heart of Stone' (Alia Bhatt Version)

Heart of Stone Keya Dhawan Alia Bhatt Netflix

“Heart of Stone” has arrived on Netflix, and I decided to watch the Alia Bhatt version. Is that a thing? Yes, you simply press the fast-forward button until you see Alia Bhatt. The mega-talented actress stars in the Netflix spy thriller as the central antagonist to Gal Gadot’s Rachel Stone.

Mild spoilers for Netflix’s “Heart of Stone” are scattered below.

You would think that would give Alia Bhatt a lot of screen time. Without timing it, it is tough to say how much screentime Bhatt receives, although it does not feel like the amount worthy of her talent. The good news is that how “Heart of Stone” handles her character allows Bhatt to return in a potential sequel. Or, more favorably, one would hope she would reprise the role in a stand-alone spinoff.

Netflix should know what they have in Alia Bhatt. Bhatt is a global mega (mega) star whose career only continues to grow more impressive by the year. “Heart of Stone” is Bhatt’s first Hollywood film, and if executives are not living under a rock, it should be the first of many.

Upon seeing Bhatt in Netflix’s 2022 drama, “Darlings,” I was blown away by her talent, and she is now a household name in our family. Alia Bhatt could have been the solo star of “Heart of Stone.” With what she is given, Bhatt succeeds. As usual, Alia Bhatt turns in a scene-stealing performance as Keya Dhawan, the cyber genius trying to get an all-powerful weapon.

That weapon is called the Heart. Hence, the title -- “Heart of Stone.” Throughout the movie, there is an intriguing dynamic played between Keya and Gal Gadot’s Rachel. When they finally meet in person, the film excels quite a bit. Sadly, this interaction primarily takes place toward the climax of the Netflix movie.

While I did not watch “Heart of Stone” in its entirety, I did watch the highlights starring -- Alia Bhatt. Did you watch the Netflix spy thriller? What did you think of Alia Bhatt’s screen time? Would you like to see her reprise her role in a solo vehicle?

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