'Actress' Season 1: Thoughts on Series, Ending

Actress Aktris Yasemin Deniz Pinar Deniz Hulu
Hulu / Ebeveyn Kontrolu Onerilir

For eight episodes, “Actress” Season 1 spins a web that grows more engrossing as it unfurls on Hulu. The season is well-paced in the lead-up to the ending. To its credit, the Season 1 finale works as a series finale if that is the case. Despite some sleuthing, Season 2 appears not to be a done deal.

The Turkish series centers on Yasemin Deniz (Pinar Deniz), the eponymous “Actress.” Yasemin is one of the least likable protagonists in recent memory. “Actress” and “You” may seem similar, but Yasemin is not Joe Goldberg. She has unapologetic homicidal desires and no desire to aim them towards bad people. 

Season 1 does show a slight evolution on her part. Conscience is not something you can grow, though, and Yasemin’s chilling origin story, as told by her at the start of Season 1, is impossible to overcome.

As a series, “Actress” (“Aktris”) is a hard show to label with one genre. It is part - dark comedy, mystery, noir, satire, thriller, and even - romance. At its heart, “Actress” is a character study of a female psychopath. In this case, Yasemin Daren is an actress who moonlights as an assassin of sorts.

The reason for saying “assassin of sorts” is Yasemin is more so a guided serial killer. Her mentor and father figure, Ahmet (Tolga Tekin), picks their targets based on the person’s morality. That is a pretty subjective scale to measure someone’s fate. “Actress” shares enough background info to make their call.

Season 1 covers a lot of ground with Yasemin and its unusual storyline. Viewers seem to have caught her at the end of her “stalled era.” A lot of changes are soon afoot in her universe. A new love interest, an apprentice to take under her wing, and a new acting project. Does it take too long to work its way through all of this? Maybe.

“Actress” Season 1 consists of eight episodes, some a little more exciting than others. Overall, the story constantly evolves up until its stunning ending. It is surprising yet fitting, and unlike other shows, it works as a Season 1 and series ending.

Ending, Explained (Spoiler Alert!)

Yasemin shoots Taner (Ahmet Rifat Sungar) multiple times. His eyes’ blank stare indicates he is fatally wounded. While a tell-tale marker for death in lots of movies and TV shows, it is not always a done deal. As Yasemin returns to her killer roots, she rids the world of her evil killer stepfather/blackmailer before leaving with her new acolyte, Ekin (Ipek Cicek).

Ekin and Yasemin peel off like the femme fatales in so many movies. Is it the best ending? No. Yasemin gets away with killing her undercover cop boyfriend and many others. For now, it is up to “Actress” viewers to imagine their own just ending for Yasemin after the credits roll.

“Actress” Season 1 is currently streaming on Hulu in its original audio and an English dubbing.