TV Rundown: Aug. 24 - 29 | The 'PLL' Shocker & more!

Tyrant | A shocking close to the first season, the finale was a game changer that left viewers on the precipice of a grim outcome. Ashraf Barhom’s sensational performance as the despotic Jamal was sensational as was Morian Atias’ turn as Leila, her closing monologue providing a chilling allocation of revenge. As the hour transpired with riveting repercussions, it made a phenomenal case for a second chapter. “Tyrant” has been a must-see, one of the year’s best new dramas and a stunning accomplishment for FX. 

Dallas | Christopher and Heather broke up when she made the right move and went back to her husband. Unfortunately, Heather wasn’t always the best written character, which is a shame because her portrayer AnnaLynne McCord deserved so much more to sink her teeth into. The series missed a major opportunity for her to play a vivacious socialite or a vengeful schoolmate from Emma’s past. The lackluster Emma could use a rival, breathing down her neck and McCord can bring the heat with the best of them. 

True Blood | Saying goodbye is tough to do and after 7 years, the veteran series bid farewell on Sunday night. It was emotional and restrained; a far cry from its usually outlandish antics. Of the Stackhouse siblings, Jason in all of his simplified glory will be missed the most. For more thoughts on the finale, click here.

Witches of East End | Who knew Frederick had a girlfriend and who else thought she bore a brief striking resemblance to Ingrid? It would’ve been nice to have had a previous introduction to his newfound paramour or at least a hint to her existence to avoid the confusion of the opening sequence. However, it inadvertently mirrored Joanna’s bewilderment quite well. More after the jump...[including "Pretty Little Liars" spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars | During the summer finale, the series took its darkest turn to date as Mona was killed off of the series by an unknown intruder. Mona has long been a personal favorite and her presence among the living will be missed. She was the only character who’s been consistently brilliant, cunning and a true match for both Spencer and Ali.

Whether an ally or foe, she brought a believable edge to the show as a rogue and it’s hard to imagine the show without Janel Parish’s integral turn as the self-assured survivor. The show will truly never be the same and not for the better.

Teen Wolf | The culprit behind the dead pool was revealed and their identity was surprising. Why this character had avoided suspicion when they have been in moral limbo since joining the series was puzzling.

The Bold and the Beautiful | There have been some crazy moments on “Bold” but this week’s scene took the cake. Guest star Bob Barker beat up Wyatt after he sloughed off Barker’s concerns for the pet community. Even if you’re a fan of Wyatt, it was hysterical to see him roll down the hill after being wounded by Barker’s ferocious fists. 

VMAs | You could not ask for a better example of the mindless screams at events than when Miley Cyrus’ homeless friend Joe accepted the Video of the Year award on her behalf. As he described his circumstances and the plight of the homeless youth, admiring screams abounded. There was absolutely nothing to cheer about.

2014 Emmy Awards | Television’s biggest night was a jam packed affair. Check out Eclectic Pop’s 8Takeaways from the Evening by clicking here.