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TV Rundown: Week of March 20 | 'Vikings' Sets Sail, 'Bates Motel' Honeymoons

Vikings: Season 4. Episode 6 - What Might Have Been
You can boil this entire episode down to a single scene towards the end as Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), high on drugs, looks out into the distance to see his old life literally staring back at him. It was a vision where departed loved ones and deceased relationships were alive again. As a reminder of everything that has changed for its leads since the show began, it was a deeply affecting scene, quiet and serene with a mystical gleam that caught the eye without blinding it.

It is often in these quiet moments that Fimmel does his finest work as Ragnar and here was no exception. Without saying a word, he said it all in a medley of expressions that veered from the joy at recognizing what was and the ache at knowing it would never be again. There have been many moving scenes throughout the course of “Vikings” 4 seasons and this was another top drawer entry into the pantheon.

Top 10 Most-Read Posts in Eclectic Pop's History (So Far)

Eclectic Pop has been around for 3 years now and in a sort of retrospective of the site’s history, it only seemed right to unveil what the Top 10 most-read posts have been over the course of its run so far.

TV Rundown: Week of March 13 | 'Daredevil' Returns, 'Bates Motel' Enraptures, 'Vikings' Builds & 'Pretty Little Liars' Departs

Daredevil – Season 2.Episode 1 (“Bang”)
The new season of Netflix's original series premiered on the streaming giant last week with a shockingly strong debut episode. The first season of “Daredevil” had its moments and definitely showed potential; however, nothing could have hinted at such a ste…

Eclectic Pop News: 1 Podcast Guest Spot, 2 #RKC Related Announcements & more

The Lost Cause Podcast
Co-hosted by Drew Koenig (@thedrewkoenig) and Amanda Williams (@Amandimation), the recently formed Lost Cause Podcast focuses on “television and pop culture discussion” per their Twitter bio. In January, I had the pleasure of guesting on their third episode, which recapped the “Lost” episode “Walkabout” and saluted the best in 2015 film and television.

Eclectic Pop Says 'Thank You' for 3 Years

This week (March 21 to be exact) marks the third anniversary of when Eclectic Pop kicked off the beginning of its journey, pressing publish on an inaugural post that was really more of a blurb. It would be the starting point for a wild 3 years that have brought with it a fair share of learning experiences and exciting new adventures.

#RKC Presents Eclectic Selection #9: The Complete Playlist

Friday (April 1), a brand new playlist will premiere on the online radio station #RKC (Radio Kaos Caribou). 25 songs will comprise the latest Eclectic Selection lineup. If some of the songs sound familiar that’s because you might have heard them in a TV show or movie.

Natasha Blume’s “Black Sea” was featured in a promo trailer for The CW’s “Reign”; Katie Herzig’s “I Hurt Too” was played in last year’s brilliant indie thriller “Unfriended” and ZZ Ward’s “Til the Casket Drops” was used to promote FreeForm’s “Pretty Little Liars” a few years ago.

Movie Review: 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent' (2015)

Few sequels in recent memory have been as big a letdown as “Insurgent”, the second installment in the “Divergent” franchise. After an unexpectedly fantastic debut film, expectations for a strong follow-up were high, only to be met with crushing disappoint. Never understatement the impact changing directors can have on a movie and especially a franchise. They set the tone for the entire film. From the way it is visualized to the way the cast performs the material.

EP Review | The Actions, 'Indefensible'

Lyrical mantras and heady instrumentation take center stage on London-based alternative rock band The Action’s latest EP 'Indefensible'. Jump starting the EP is the inaugural entry: “The Echo”, which puts a jazzy spin on the band’s trip hop influences. “Counting All Days” follows with a tr…

TV Rundown: Week of March 6 | 'Bates Motel' Checks Back In, 'Vikings' Halts & 'Pretty Little Liars' Plots

Bates Motel – Season 4.Episode 1 (“A Danger to Himself and Others”) The best show on television returned with another stellar season opener. Picking up shortly after the events of last year’s finale, Norma and Dylan had mounted a low key search for Norman before he was discovered roaming the field …

Spotlight On...Texas Indie Fest 2016

Are you looking for something exciting to do this week? Well, if you are in the Austin area; the sixth Texas Indie Fest is a good bet for strong entertainment. Below you will find the official PR statement with all of the info you need to know about the big event:

TV Report Card: 'Bates Motel' Season 3 Review

Overview: The Bates family faced further trials and tribulations in the series' outstanding third season. Convinced that Norman (Freddie Highmore) had killed a motel guest, the season’s core mystery revolved around whether he was actually guilty and if so what Norma (Vera Farmiga) was going to…

Movie Review: 'Dark Places' (2015)

Dark Places Movie Poster Charlize Theron Libby Day
Director Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s adaptation of “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn’s novel “Dark Places” takes its titular theme to the hilt, in a film that is as its title suggests unrelentingly dreary. Not that it has much of a choice given the subject matter.

TV Rundown: Week of Feb 28 | 'Pretty Little Liars' Perplexes & 'Vikings' Simmers

Pretty Little Liars might as well have taken place in an alternate universe for this episode. For the first time in the history of the show, Hanna was the least likable Liar, Toby was more likable than Caleb and Ezria was tolerable to the point of this die-hard detractor supporting a reunion between the long broken-up couple.

Movie Review: 'Brooklyn' (2015)

When it comes to describing director John Crowley’s adaptation of “Brooklyn” one word rapidly comes to mind: poignant. There are scores of movies that have told stories about coming-of-age in fish-out-of-water circumstances with a love triangle thrown in for good measure.

TV Rundown: Feb 21 | A Manhunt on 'Vikings', Secret Keeping on 'The Blacklist' - Plus, 'Pretty Little Liars'

Vikings didn't let up on the pulsating action in its second outing of the season. What made this chapter especially interesting was how the subplots of the series' less central characters (Judith, Queen Kwenthrith) managed to take center stage and prove so worthy of the attention. Were it of any lesser quality, "Vikings" would have been accused of one of TV’s worst sins: producing filler. Now to the major story points...

Top 10 Most-Read Posts of February 2016

The second month of 2016 is officially over, which means it’s time to take a look back at the Top 10 posts that stirred the most interest on Eclectic Pop in February. Topping the heap are 2 movie reviews, 3 TV Rundowns, 1 song review, all 3 of the Best of 2015 lists (movies, music and TV) and the compilation of 2015’s Most-Read Movie Reviews.