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Entertainment Inquiry #2: Answers to What TV's Worth Watching on Netflix

Since there is only so much time in the day to read 750+ word reviews and there are many things that have been seen and not yet written about, it seemed right to boil down all of the sentiments expressed on Eclectic Pop into a simple question and answer format; getting to the point in a concise and clear manner that transforms those broader analyses into various bite-size reads.

This special Netflix edition of the Entertainment Inquiry addresses the TV content that is currently available on the streaming giant…

Entertainment Inquiry #1: Answers About Movies, Music And TV

Welcome to the very first Entertainment Inquiry. So what is this new feature about? Good question. Since there is only so much time in the day to read 750+ word reviews, it seemed right to boil down all of the sentiments expressed on Eclectic Pop into a simple question and answer format; getting to the point in a concise and clear manner that transforms those broader analyses into a bite-size read.

TV Rundown: Week of April 10 | 'Blacklist' Delivers Perfection, 'Bates Motel' Follows Suit - 'Vikings' Preps for Mid-Season Send-Off

The Blacklist: Season 3.Episode 18 – “Mr. Solomon (No. 32): Conclusion.”
What Happened: Mr. Solomon’s (Edi Gathegi) relentless hunt for Liz (Megan Boone) led to a car accident that triggered the premature birth of her and Tom’s (Ryan Eggold) daughter. A series of health complications ensued, resulti…

Movie Review: 'The Boss' (2016)

Husband-and-wife comedy force, Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, are back with their follow-up to the underrated “Tammy”. Directed by Falcone, starring McCarthy and written by Falcone and McCarthy alongside Steve Mallory; “The Boss” is another entertaining collaboration from the married duo. The movie follows Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) a mega successful CEO, who tours as a motivational speaker to sold-out coliseums.

We Got This Covered Review Link: 'The Last Panthers'

I recently reviewed SundanceTV’s latest series; the dazzling limited-run import “The Last Panthers” for We Got This Covered and here is why you should readthe full review
Synopsis: “The Last Panthers” is a six-episode, crime drama that follows the aftermath of a diamond heist gone tragically sidew…

Movie Review: 'Hush' (2016)

Writer-director Michael Flanagan gives viewers a home invasion thriller with a twist – its heroine is deaf. It is this hook that works to inveigle the notion that Netflix's “Hush” has something a little different to say when it comes to this trendy genre and it does, just not as much as one might have hoped.

TV Rundown: Week of April 3 | 'The Blacklist' Weds, 'Vikings' Shocks 3 Times Over

The Blacklist – Season 3. Episode 17: “Mr. Solomon (No. 32)”

NBC’s thrilling series returned with rice and plot twists, firmly in hand for its spring premiere. The topic of the hour was Liz (Megan Boone) and Tom’s (Ryan Eggold) impending nuptials and what a topic it was, everyone from Red (James Spader) to Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) weighed in on whether Liz should go through with her second marriage to the same man.

The Complete #RKC LaTwitterview

As promised, here is the complete transcript of #RKC's LaTwitterview with @EclecticPop from last Friday (April 8), courtesy of Storify. I would like to once again thank #RKC (@RadioKC) for inviting me to do this incredibly fun interview. As it was last time, the experience was a fantastic whirlwind with questions that were invigoratingly thought provoking. I just hope I did them all justice.

Movie Review: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' (2016)

Batman v Superman Movie Art, Soundtrack
With a “sham”, “bang”, “pow” director Zack Snyder delivers the hotly debated and hesitantly anticipated face-off between Superman (Henry Cavill), the most powerful hero in comic book lore and Batman (Ben Affleck), the stoic crime fighting billionaire.

Who would have thought that the showdown between these two famous caped crusaders could be so boring? It is not for lack of trying.

Movie Review: 'Eddie the Eagle' (2016)

Sweet and sentimental with loads of inexhaustible charm, “Eddie the Eagle” is the highly fictionalized account of how Michael Edwards aka Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards cemented himself as one of the most famous underdogs in sports history by becoming the first-ever ski jumper to represent Great Britain at the Winter Olympics in 1988.

Top 10 Most-Read Posts of March 2016

March marked the third year anniversary of Eclectic Pop’s inception and another interesting month for content traffic. Almost half of the Top 10 is movie-centric with 3 special features and 2 television posts rounding out the list. Kicking things off in tenth place is the first Eclectic Pop News item of the year.

TV Rundown: Week of March 27 | Trouble Circles 'Bates Motel', 'Vikings' Shows No Mercy

Bates Motel – Season 4.Episode 4: “Lights of Winter”
In the last episode before a two-week break, “Bates Motel” left viewers on the edge of their seats. Following his short-lived breakout from the mental institution, Norman (Freddie Highmore, in another phenomenal performance) finally came to the realization he is not mentally stable. In the episode’s heart wrenching ending scene, he admitted he needed help to Dr. Edwards (Damon Gupton) and showed a never-before-seen determination to get a handle on his mental state.

Movie Review: 'Deadpool' (2016)

Ryan Reynolds’ comeback vehicle features a script armed to the teeth with non-stop zingers, a unique timeline and a decent supply of action sequences. The long-awaited “Deadpool” movie is everything you probably went in expecting as the sharp-tongued superhero makes his solo film debut as advertised, in splashy and derisive fashion.

Movie Review: 'The Benefactor' (2015)

An ominous title gives the false impression that writer-director Andrew Renzi’s feature film debut is in some way a thriller. Spoiler alert: it is not. “The Benefactor” tells the tale of Franny (Richard Gere), a morphine addicted philanthropist whose guilty conscious over his role in a car accident that claimed the lives of his two best friends (Cheryl Hines and Dylan Baker) and severely injured him, has consumed his existence.

Movie Review: 'The Final Girls' (2015)

An offbeat romp of bizarre proportions, the latest effort from director Todd Strauss-Schulson is a strange one. It follows Max (Taissa Farmiga), the daughter of a B-movie actress (Malin Ackerman) who starred in a cult classic slasher flick in the 80’s. A couple of years after her mother's death; the local theater decides to hold a special screening of the movie as part of a tribute its late star.

With Max and her friends in attendance, a string of incidents lead to them being magically sucked into an alternate dimension in which they are a part of the movie. If that plotline sounds off putting in its surrealism, that is understandable.