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Amazon Prime Is Giving 'Gran Hotel' Fans A Limited Time Treat

At this point, you are probably really missing “Gran Hotel.” It is true! Fans need some uplifting news, and Amazon Prime Video has it courtesy of another TV series streaming on the service for a limited time. Season 1 of “Under Suspicion” (“Bajo Sospecha”) stars several “Gran Hotel” actors in leadi…

Now That 'Gran Hotel' Is Off Netflix: Where Else Is It Streaming?

In case you missed it, “Gran Hotel” is no longer streaming on Netflix. The Spanish-language costume drama has been off the streaming giant for some time, leading many fans and prospective viewers to wonder how they can watch it. Hence, the million-dollar question – where is “Gran Hotel” streaming a…

TV Review: Netflix's 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' Season 2 Premiere

High Seas Alta Mar Eva Villanueva Ivana Baquero Netflix
“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has cruised back to Netflix for Season 2, and it picks up exactly where it left off. As hinted in the final minutes of its freshman season, the Spanish-language drama still finds time to shake things up as new passengers climb aboard, and danger remains on-board.

Let's Discuss: 'Gran Hotel' Season 3 And The Series' Ending

“Gran Hotel” Season 3 is also the series’ final one. The addictive drama spans three seasons before it all culminates in an ending that leaves a lot to discuss. There is little in the way of open-endings, but everything that leads up to it is a conversation-starter. Having recently finished watchin…

Review: Yes, You Need To Check Into 'Gran Hotel' On Netflix

Gran Hotel Julio Olmedo Yon Gonzalez Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca
Yours truly finally got around to checking into “Gran Hotel” on Netflix and am grateful for the binge-watching experience. It is tough to marathon watch the Spanish-language series quickly. With three seasons and 66 episodes, it requires a steady stream of viewing to watch it in its entirety.