Now That 'Gran Hotel' Is Off Netflix: Where Else Is It Streaming?

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In case you missed it, “Gran Hotel” is no longer streaming on Netflix. The Spanish-language costume drama has been off the streaming giant for some time, leading many fans and prospective viewers to wonder how they can watch it. Hence, the million-dollar question – where is “Gran Hotel” streaming after leaving Netflix? 

The short answer is that “Gran Hotel” is not streaming anywhere else. Yes, you read that correctly. Sadly, there is no streamer currently hosting the exquisite, romantic, and suspenseful costume drama. Neither Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Disney+ offers the series to stream. You cannot even buy the show to stream it on Prime Video.

Another Option

In a small silver lining, you can buy the DVD set through Amazon (this is not a paid promotion). Otherwise, there is no chance to see the original “Gran Hotel.” Having binged it, I can tell you that news is a deeply distressing development. That said, it is an incredible series worth the investment and the hassle of having to handle DVDs.

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In related news, the first and only season of ABC’s English-language remake set in the present-day is available to stream. It is also worth noting that an Egyptian adaptation entitled “Secret of the Nile” is also streaming on Netflix. Will the original Spanish-language version eventually return to the streaming giant? Stay tuned. Eclectic Pop will keep you apprised of the situation as it develops. 

What To Watch In The Meantime

While we all anxiously wait to see if “Gran Hotel” will return to Netflix or streaming in general, there are some worthy Spanish soaps to watch in the meantime. For instance, “Gran Hotel” writers Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, and Teresa Fernández-Valdés, co-created “Cable Girls” and “High Seas.” I have watched both series in their entirety.

Despite “High Seas” ending abruptly (see here), it is/was a terrific mystery show with loads of great romance. “Cable Girls” is equally compelling during its first three seasons, shining mightily bright before dimming with Season 4 and completely darkening with Season 5. All told, though, it and “High Seas” prove themselves as worthy companion pieces for “Gran Hotel” fans.

Why You Should Watch Both

“High Seas” and “Cable Girls” both feature “Gran Hotel” cast members in lead roles. Yon González (Julio in “Gran Hotel”) stars in the leading role of Francisco in “Cable Girls.” While different from Julio in some regards, Francisco is a role that “Gran Hotel” fans should enjoy seeing González take on. González’s co-star Concha Velasco (Angela in “Gran Hotel”) takes on a polar opposite role as Carmen Cifuentes for “Cable Girls.”

Over on “High Seas,” Eloy Azorín, who played Alicia’s mischievous and loveable brother Javier on “Gran Hotel,” stars as the main love interest for one of the two female leads in “High Seas.” In another exciting development, the son of a certain beloved character shows up in Season 3 of the mystery series. Hence, there is a lot for fans to anticipate in both series. 

In Closing

As it stands, “Gran Hotel” is not streaming on any other platform since leaving Netflix in January 2021. Eclectic Pop will keep you posted if that changes. While fans wait for that to change, they can watch all five seasons of “Cable Girls” and all three seasons of “High Seas” on Netflix. Since both shows are “Netflix originals,” I would not anticipate either pulling a vanishing act and leaving the streaming giant.