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Is Netflix's 'Money Heist' Planning A Massive Season 4 Twist?

Money Heist La casa de Papel The Professor The Professor Sergio Marquina Salvador Salva Martín Álvaro Morte Netflix
Is there a massive twist coming to “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) when it returns for Season 4 (Part 4)? I think there might be, and the ending of its previous installment set the stage for it. What if everyone is not who viewers think they are? It is a big question to consider while waiting for the Season 4 premiere.

Spoilers for the Season 3 (Part 3) finale of “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) are discussed beyond this point.

As the third installment of the Netflix series came to a close, it shepherded in an unsettling detour. “Money Heist” has always walked a fine line when it comes to its protagonists, and it crossed it big time. A move that paved the way for a major reveal in Season 4.

To recap, the theft thriller left “Money Heist” viewers on the verge of seeing its leads take a turn to their darkest selves. Falsely believing that the love of his life was executed by the police, the Professor made a horrific decision. He ordered a DEFCON 2, which resulted in missiles being launched on police forces readying to infiltrate the bank. Thus, turning Season 4 upside down before it even begins.

The carnage was graphic, unmistakable, and irrevocable. Blinded by his grief for an actually-alive Lisbon/Raquel, the Professor made war against the police. By doing this, the Professor has committed an atrocious act of violence and became what he has worked to fight against. In Season 4, “Money Heist” seems poised to reveal that viewers may have been watching the ascent of a supervillain.

By the start of Season 4, “Money Heist” will head into the aftermath of a new phase that changes everything the audience thought it knew heading in. Has the truth been there all along? Just because you have been watching a lead character does not mean you have been watching the hero of the story. Pop culture is full of that lesson.

“Star Wars” supervillain Anakin Skyler (aka Darth Vader) and, more recently, one-time “Game of Thrones” heroine, Daenerys Targaryen, are prime examples. Has “Money Heist” introduced a character in that vein with the Professor? There is a chance that it has. It seems the Professor has lived up to the iconic words spoken by Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight.” For reference:

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

The movie was not great, in my opinion. However, this line is one of my all-time favorites. It sums up everything that an idealistic character’s journey should entail. There is no happy ending for them, and if a writer is honest, their arc should always end that way. Their pursuit of ideals in an unideal world pretty much seals their fate. It is that inevitable ending that makes their once well-meaning descent into villainy so tragic.

“Money Heist” seems poised to follow suit with the Professor. It all depends on if he ends up feeling remorse for what he did in Season 4 after eventually learning he fell for a trap. Will he experience guilt? He has a conscience. Or will he give in to his darkest impulses and entirely embrace his identity as a villain? The Professor has expertly played the public throughout the previous seasons.

When “Money Heist” returns, he could expose the police’s “execution” of Raquel. That should cause the police to reveal that she is alive. Thus, throwing more suspicion onto the Professor and making him seem like an unreliable narrator. Is there proof of the setup? If not, there is something that the Professor could point out to counter that, and it is the police’s sniper shot of Nairobi.

The Professor was not only reacting to the grief of losing Raquel when he gave Palermo the order. The authorities used Nairobi’s son to get her to the window to see him and then had a sniper take a seemingly fatal shot at her. Nairobi’s fate is one of the big cliffhangers “Money Heist” will have to resolve when Season 4 begins.

Who will the tide of public opinion favor when “Money Heist” returns in Season 4? What the Professor did should have a considerable impact on how he is perceived, and the consequences should be huge. The Professor is a murderer now unless his orders were not carried out as he intended. Or if everyone somehow survived the blast.

The show has had its characters come to the brink of getting caught before. Only to have the Professor engineer their escape. Whether they make it out or not this time, they will not exit the story the way they came in, and Season 4 will tell that story.

Find out how it all unfolds when “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) Season 4 (Part 4) premieres on April 3, 2020, on Netflix. In the meantime, the first three seasons (or parts) are currently streaming.

[Featured Image by Tamara Arranz / Netflix]