'White Lines' Cancelled: Series' Ending Explained Without Season 2

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“White Lines” reached its conclusion as ten episodes prepared to answer the question at the heart of the sizzling Netflix mystery -- who killed Axel Collins? That ending question and so many more will get explained as you venture through this recap of the first season of the provocative, edgy, and endearing TV show. The first question on the agenda regards its cancelled status and Season 2 fate.

Is White Lines Returning For Season 2?

No, “White Lines” is not returning for Season 2 despite what appeared to be a strong start according to Netflix’s Top Ten metric. Daniel Mays, who played Marcus on the series, confirmed the end of “White Lines” on his Instagram. It is yet another stingingly sudden series ending to add to the recent list, which includes “High Seas.”

The news comes as “White Lines” creator, รlex Pina’s other series at Netflix -- “Money Heist” -- recently announced it will be ending with Season 5. Personally speaking, I think Pina outdid himself with “White Lines,” which pushed the edge to be as much about its characters as its core mystery.

It is sad to know that viewers have seen the last of “White Lines” and its intriguing cast of characters. Regardless, it is time to get into all of the questions that “White Lines” asked viewers to dive into to get answered. Who killed Axel Collins? It is time for the ending of that story and many more to get explained. So, strap on your seatbelts.

What Is The Show About?

“White Lines” follows thirty-something, Zoe, whose hotshot DJ brother disappeared 20 years ago. Upon his body being discovered, she travels to Ibiza to reunite with his friends in uncovering the truth. Throughout Season 1, Zoe ends up finding temptation to start a new life as she works to find the answer to her life’s biggest question. What happened to Axel Collins?

Spoilers for the ending of “White Lines” Season 1 (the first and final season) are discussed below.

Who Killed Axel?

Anna. It was no accident, either. After learning Axel sold the clubs, burnt the group’s money, and received the threat that Axel would out here and his fling to Marcus, Anna decided to kill him.

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How Did Axel Die?

Anna tried to drown him. Hence, the peacock feathers in his lungs. Marcus and Anna moved Axel’s body into Oreol’s car. (Side Note: It is clear Anna has known about Oreol’s alibi all along.) Axel eventually wakes up in the trunk, and after getting out, Marcus runs him over. He is still alive and beginning to crawl when Anna hits him in the head with a wrench. Axel is still alive.

Anna then goes over, takes the screwdriver out of his hand, and stabs him in the back, killing him. Marcus just looks on in horror and does nothing to stop it. The two keep the secret for 20 years and 10 episodes. “White Lines” ends with the rest of the world seeming to not know the truth.

Does Zoe Find Out Who Killed Axel?

Yes, there is no unsolved mystery here. Zoe finds out the truth in the very last episode of the season (Episode 10). While viewers learn the truth via flashbacks, it is because Anna finally confesses to Zoe before Season 1 ends. “White Lines,” unlike some shows, knows the value of letting some mysteries get solved.

Does Zoe Avenge Axel?

No. Anna gets married. Her punishment is apparently not getting back together with Marcus, who she seems to really love. It is tough to imagine Zoe forgoing the pursuit of any payback for her beloved brother. This is Axel we are talking about. The most self-important DJ of all-time, according to “White Lines.”

What Happens to Boxer? Does Boxer Die?

No. Boxer survives the entire first season despite being shot in the leg by a harpoon gun and tortured with a power washer, both courtesy of Zoe. Boxer ends “White Lines” Season 1 by getting out of the business he is in. Here is to him finding some real happiness.

Who Did Zoe Sleep With?

Boxer. In case their instant chemistry was not enough of a hint, Boxer and Zoe sleep together, and continue doing so for most of the season. Zoe confesses to her husband Mike, who almost instantly wants to work through it. Sadly, for their family, Zoe does not agree to do so. You are better off, Mike.

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Of the friends, who knew who killed Axel?

Besides the killer (Anna), Marcus was the only one who knew the truth. So, yes, he knew the truth when “White Lines” began, and therefore when Boxer was working him over for the real story at the pool. And yes, if Zoe had not interrupted, it would not have taken nine more episodes (and her father’s death) to learn the truth. Way to go, Zoe.

Does Anna Get Back Together With Marcus?

No. Until, finding out that Anna was Axel’s killer, I had been rooting for the couple to reunite. “White Lines” had other plans up its sleeve and, in doing so, asked if people can really change. Anna marries George, and Marcus ends up with Kika, settling into a marvelously entertaining relationship with his potential new father-in-law.

Does Zoe Go Back To Manchester?

No. “White Lines” ends with Zoe spreading her father and brother’s ashes. It appears Zoe plans to stay in Ibiza indefinitely as she continues trying to find herself sans her husband and child. Yeah, Zoe is not sympathetic. Even if she cares nothing for the father of her child, what about her child? Jenny was distraught.

“White Lines” Season 1 Finale Thoughts

If there had been a Season 2, I had hoped Boxer would not continue worshipping Zoe during it. She was a lousy person, whose terrible treatment of people extended to Boxer as well. Zoe’s arrogance and self-righteousness were hard to take, and she never seemed to learn anything from it.

Nevertheless, I had wished that “White Lines” would come back for another season. The characters and the setting were just too alluring to let go of, especially since Axel’s murder got solved. Zoe’s DJ wonder brother was tough to take for most of Season 1.

Ending Verdict: “White Lines” ends in a way that brings closure while leaving the door open for more. It works as a series ending and a season finale. Sadly, it ended up being the former of those two options. You will be missed, “White Lines.”

You can stream “White Lines” it what is now its entirety on Netflix along with a lot of other fantastic content on the popular service.