'High Seas' Ending Explained: How The Finale Left Eva And Carolina

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“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) came to an unexpectedly abrupt end with Season 3. Yes, the final episode of its third season was the series finale. If you need some things about the ending explained, keep reading. How the series concluded for Eva, Carolina, and all of the other main characters is described below.

If you are wondering if Eva and Nicolás ended up together or Carolina stayed with Fernando, “High Seas” offered some surprising answers. The series was initially set to sail again with Season 4 before Netflix decided to cancel those plans. Thus, leading fans to mourn yet another Netflix show.

I am still reeling over the cancellation of “High Seas” and “White Lines.” After tackling the latter’s conclusion, it is time to dive into the ending of “High Seas,” and where the finale left the Villanueva sisters, their friends, and love interests. Time for the conclusion to get explained!

Spoilers for the ending of “High Seas” Season 3 are discussed below.

Is Nicolás’ Wife Really Alive?

Yes, the woman that Nicolás met with at the end of last season was really his wife. Throughout Season 3, she understandably exhibits signs of emotional distress and co-dependence on Nicolás.

Does Eva End Up With Nicolás?

No. Eva completely respects Nicolás’ marriage to his wife and does not come between them. Nicolás is transferred to Carolina’s liner early in Season 3, allowing “High Seas” to keep any longing looks between him and Eva at a minimum. In that breathing room, Eva finds love with newcomer, Fabio.

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Does Nicolás Survive Seaon 3?

No. Nicolás dies in the last episode of Season 3, which ended up being the (super-rushed) series finale of “High Seas.” The evil Ana fatally stabs him after Nicolás unnecessarily confronts her. Poor Nicolás! Eva stays with him until he fades away. The love between them remains quite obvious as he does so.

Do Carolina and Fernando Stay Together?

Maybe. Carolina says that Fernando will make it through losing his luxury liner, and the two share a meaningful look. Otherwise, they do not sit together as the lifeboat descends into the water nor afterward. They had seemed to make up after the fake Carolina reveal, but the awkward distance between them puts that in doubt. Personally, I would like to imagine they stayed together after the finale.

Is Dr. Ayala, Good or Evil?

Dr. Ayala was a former torture who victimized Nicolás’ wife when she was held prisoner, so he is evil. On the other hand, “Gran Hotel”-related Dr. Ayala creates a miracle antidote for the virus unleashed on the ship. He also confirms that he lied about Carmen’s daughter being in danger. The verdict is out as of the “High Seas” ending. Maybe he was forced into being a torturer? Whatever the case, his father would undoubtedly be ashamed of him.

Do Verónica and Dimas Get Together? 

Yes! While Eva and Carolina’s Season 3 love lives were left in the air, Verónica got the happy ending with Dimas that they both deserved. After a quick kiss, the two boarded the lifeboat together. At least “High Seas” left someone on a high and completed note.

High Seas Alta Mar Alejandra Onieva Carolina Villanueva  Ivana Baquero Eva Villanueva Netflix
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Who Was Carolina’s Imposter?

Carolina’s imposter was a former prisoner hired by Dr. Ayala to impersonate Carolina before she became obsessed with having Carolina’s life. Whoever she was before “High Seas” started Season 3, Carolina’s imposter died from the virus after threatening Dimas to get the antidote. In the process, she denied a young child the chance to survive. (He ends up doing so anyway.)

Who Had The Virus?

Ana was in league with Hector. She was in possession of the virus, which she injected into the fake Carolina. Ana had been dosed with an antidote beforehand. Dr. Ayala used her blood to synthesize a remedy for the boat’s ailing passengers. Her motive? Losing the war. Nicolás ended up killing her. Sadly, not until after she also killed him. Darn you, Ana.

Do Eva and Carolina Survive?

Yes! Long live the Villanueva sisters. Eva and Carolina survive. They sit next to each other as Carolina comforts her younger sister over the loss of Nicolás. Like her sister, Eva’s romantic life is left open-ended. She had been falling hard for Fabio, only to lose Nicolás, and reopen that wound. I would hope after mourning, Eva would seek out Fabio to spend their lives together.

How Does The Finale Wrap-Up?

In a narration, Eva reflects are her most recent and calamitous “High Seas” voyage. Her speech sounds final, and that is because it is. She mourns Nicolás and his loss while acknowledging life will go on. 

It is a rushed ending that does not explain if Nicolás’ wife is among those to survive. Nor does it offer a proper payoff for Eva’s romance with Fabio, or Carolina’s marriage to Fernando. Meanwhile, in a tragic off-screen twist, Capitán Santiago does not make it.

Ending Thoughts: At least, Pierre found redemption. (I always liked that guy.) Uncle Pedro and Natalia also seemed safe. However, the Season 3 finale was clearly never meant to act as the ending to “High Seas.” 

Hence, the show’s abrupt, and brutally rushed wrap-up. I do not know what hurts worse, knowing that “High Seas” is over, or that it concluded so suddenly. Either way, I will miss this gem.

“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) is now available to stream in its entirety on Netflix along with other wonderful series, such as “Gran Hotel.” If you loved one, you are destined to love the other.