TV Review: 'High Seas' Season 3 Saves Best For Last In Final Bow

High Seas Alta Mar Ivana Baquero Eva Villanueva Netflix
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Netflix
“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) returns for its best season amid a bittersweet backdrop. Season 3 is the Spanish-language series’ dramatic final voyage—more on that in a minute. The Netflix period piece picks up six months after the events of the previous season. Eva’s novel has been a “grand” (wink) success. Do not worry, though. It is not long before she is drawn into a bout of intrigue.

There would not be much of a mystery afoot if it were not for the luxury cruise ship at the center of everything in Season 3. “High Seas” reunites Eva with Carolina, and the sisters are off yet again (“Frozen”-style) with Fernando, Nicolas, and some new passengers. The most exciting of which is Dr. Ayala (Pep Anton Muรฑoz).

Yes, “High Seas” officially exists/existed within the universe of “Gran Hotel.” Sadly, the move comes as the drama has gotten unceremoniously cut short. Initially renewed up to Season 4, Eclectic Pop can exclusively confirm El Espanol’s February report that Netflix cancelled plans for the enchanting show’s previously announced fourth season, still stands.

Thus, making Season 3 its final voyage, and “High Seas” another casualty of the persistent “endings” plaguing Netflix as of late. After watching Season 3, I can say that creatively speaking, the cancellation could not have happened at a worse time for the costume drama, which only continued to get better.

I have to say that learning of the cancellation comes as the most significant TV heartbreak I have had to experience in a long time. “High Seas” was too high quality to deserve the sudden end it has gotten. Between the “Gran Hotel” storyline and several others, “High Seas” Season 3 feels like a series reboot destined to keep it going for years, and without losing the instrumental cast.

For instance, Nicolรกs is moved out of the way early on, and Eva embarks on a spark with an appropriate new suitor. She is the key that unlocks so much of the series’ remarkable charm. While a huge fan of the Nicolรกs and Eva pairing at first, “High Seas” made their relationship problematic.

So, instead of finding a way out of it, the drama takes an unexpected yet welcome detour to maintain its characters’ moral integrity. As someone always eager for a show to head in such a daring direction, the choice “High Seas” makes in Season 3 is commendable.

For fans of “Gran Hotel,” the inclusion of a certain Dr. Ayala will bring joy. That said, the story takes a turn that will undoubtedly get seen as controversial for fans of the beloved romantic drama. For this fan, seeing Pep Anton Muรฑoz again is such a welcome vision, and in such exciting form, it helps soften any blows the story takes.

Personally, there is no lessening the thrill of “High Seas” and “Gran Hotel” sharing a universe. The bitter side is that fans will not get a chance to better explore the connection. I hope that this is not the forever end of “High Seas.” It is such a delightful show. The costuming and marvelous production made it a spellbinding watch.

I will miss anticipating new seasons. At least, Season 3 went out on strong sea legs. Here is hoping that a “High Seas” spinoff (“Higher Land”?), eventually happens. One that will hopefully embrace the return of its leads and an even more plentiful array of “Gran Hotel” characters. I am not ready to say goodbye, “High Seas”!

Netflix did independently confirm the news to Eclectic Pop, though, so I have to accept it. The silver lining is that fans are not left hanging by a cliffhanger ending. Bon, voyage to a wonderful series gone too soon! All three seasons of the incredible luxury liner mysteries are currently streaming on Netflix, among other fantastic options to binge.

Rating: 8.5/10