'The Hills: New Beginnings' Season 2 Return Had An Intense Impact

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Audrina, Brody, Justin (Bobby), Heidi, and Spencer are all back for “The Hills: New Beginnings” Season 2, and it is already giving me life. The beginning of Season 2 marked the first time that I had actually gotten a chance to catch up with the characters of “The Hills” since the revival began airing in 2019.

“The Hills: New Beginnings” Season 2 premiered last Wednesday, and it has already led to a binge-watching session with Season 1. Unfortunately, I sorely missed the first season when it bowed two years ago. When Season 1 premiered, I had recently cut the cord, which meant losing access to beloved channels such as Hallmark Channel, among others.

Season 2 Set A Spark

Thanks to Philo (*not a paid promotion*), I later regained access to Hallmark Channel, so I did not miss any more of my beloved movies. The move also meant getting MTV back, just not in time to start watching “The Hills” revival before it finished its first season. Well, it was worth the wait because “The Hills: New Beginnings” has returned for Season 2, and there no shortage of drama to dive back into as a result.

How Season 2 Started

The friends of “The Hills” universe have picked back up with one another after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted everyone’s life and plunged the world into sheer chaos. It is a backdrop unlike any other the cast has had to return to filming in the wake of. As Justin Bobby would say, things “got heavy.” The crew responded with Brody leading the charge to bury something they were leaving behind post-COVID.

What Happened

For many of “The Hills” cast, the pandemic provided a reflective moment. In the Season 2 premiere, Brody Jenner opened up about the new chapter he is embarking on sans alcohol, and Kaitlynn Carter, as his wife. Brody and Kaitlynn broke up in between Season 1 and Season 2. In a possibly related plot thread, Audrina Patridge is trying to find “Mr. Right” while balancing life as a single mom and her chemistry with a newly single, Brody.

Never Miss A Post!

Justin (Bobby) Brescia snuck into Mexico and let the “world do its thing.” (Justin needs to start making T-shirts and become a millionaire.) Last but not least, Heidi and Spencer Pratt are trying to navigate their crystal business and Heidi’s desire to grow their young family. In related news, Jason Wahler and his wife Ashley also appear in the Season 2 premiere.

Thoughts And Feelings, Gather Around

Watching the Season 2 premiere was like a breath of fresh air. Like many people, “The Hills” was everything to this viewer back in 2006 – 2010. I was 17 when the “Laguna Beach” spinoff started, and alongside my sister, we hung on to every juicy development that took place. The first season captured our attention. The second season demanded it.

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So, it comes as no surprise that the revival series “The Hills: New Beginnings” is already catching my attention all over again. It is a chance to catch up with several nostalgic characters from the original series as they introduce viewers to some new ones. While I had heard about them joining the show, it was the first time I had seen them in action.

Season 2 Has Seen Some Cast Changes

The ever-likable Brandon Thomas Lee and Kaitlynn Carter are two of the new faces to have survived from Season 1. Fellow newbie, actress Mischa Barton, was only on the revival for its first season, departing “The Hills: New Beginnings” after Season 1. Barton was likable, and her journey back to LA was intriguing, so it is a loss. I understand if she wanted to focus on her acting career instead.

How “The Hills: New Beginnings” will handle moving forward without Spencer Pratt’s sister Stephanie remains to be entirely seen. Stephanie was front-and-center during the revival’s premiere season. I have hope it can navigate forward effectively. After all, the Season 2 premiere made me more curious than ever to binge the first season. Someone is clearly doing their job right. 

New episodes of “The Hills: New Beginnings” air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.