Is Pavel Priluchnyy's 'Ghost' Worth It For 'Silver Spoon' Fans?

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Is “Ghost” worth watching for fans of Russia’s “Silver Spoon” (“Mazhor”)? Both are crime thrillers that star Pavel Priluchnyy. Unfortunately, “Silver Spoon” is no longer streaming on Netflix, which means the dazzling crime drama cannot get binged. Should you check out “Ghost” in its place?

Action-packed sequences and a lingering mystery power the Russian miniseries, “Ghost.” It opens aboard a private airplane as an assassin readies to drug and apparently kill a pregnant woman (Vera). At the last moment, he hesitates before making a daring escape. The scene sets up a familiar mystery. Who is Ghost, and who is he working for?

These valid questions are undoubtedly familiar to those who have watched “The Bourne Identity” franchise. Curious minds can get wrapped up in Russia’s mysterious take on the premise by streaming “Ghost” on YouTube through Epic Media’s English page. Bolstering matters is that “Silver Spoon” star Pavel Priluchnyy takes on the title role

In a surprising metamorphosis, Pavel Priluchnyy leaves any vestiges of his beloved “Silver Spoon” character Igor out of “Ghost.” As a result, Priluchnyy has to work without his comic timing to gain his character points. His character, Ghost, is a no-nonsense guy trying to find out who he is. How he became the way he is, and who on earth he is working for, and to what end.

“Ghost” picks up considerably after the first hour and steadily builds its pace from there. One thing that takes a little longer is the eponymous series lead breaking out of his shell. The melting of Ghost’s hardened shell takes a lot of doing. The main complaint is there could have been a few more light-hearted moments in between.

It is a journey that runs in stark contrast to Pavel Priluchnyy’s charismatic “Silver Spoon” character and Priluchnyy’s role in the engaging thriller “Run.” In the case of “Silver Spoon,” the warmth of Priluchnyy’s performance as Igor turns the series’ silver into gold. It is a huge change to see the actor take on such a stoic role, and he makes it work to his credit. 

One of the other issues with haunting the series is that “Ghost” waits a long time to tell viewers obvious information. In a blast from “The Punisher,” Ghost is continuously plagued by flashbacks that rarely provide new information. The series stalls at points as it tries to keep the info under wraps instead of letting its secrets go. 

Speaking of closely guarded truths, “Ghost” also avoids telling viewers who is the father of the initial target, Vera’s child. Viewers intellectually know more is going on there, yet it takes quite a bit to unravel that simple answer. Upon learning the father’s identity, confusion remains as to why the parents are in a spot where they find themselves.

Despite these intricacies, “Ghost” is a miniseries worth watching, especially for “Silver Spoon” fans. Pavel Priluchnyy is front and center, and you do get to see him portray an impressive. Hopefully, a chance to see Season 3 of “Silver Spoon” and its movie with English subtitles is not far off for American fans.