'Money Heist' Season 5 Vol. 1 Ending, Explained: Who Dies And More

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It is the end of an era. “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) only has one volume (five episodes) left before it reaches its sure-to-be-epic conclusion. Season 5 closes with a colossal bang, literally and figuratively. The ripple effects from the game-changing finale are destined to reshape the “Money Heist” landscape as it steps into its last chapter. Therefore, making it time to explain the ending of Season 5 (Part 5) Volume 1.

Brace yourselves. Spoilers for the ending of “Money Heist” Season 5, Volume 1 will get discussed beyond this point. What you will find below are the answers to the questions that viewers got left with when the smoke cleared from “Money Heist” Season 5, Volume 1’s conclusion.

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Transitioning from a heist to an all-out attempt at depicting World War III, the beloved Spanish drama goes for the jugular as the fate of several characters still hangs in the balance. For one, though, Volume 1 is the definitive end of the line. This is the major death that set up “Money Heist” Season 5 Volume 2, aka the final episodes.

Úrsula Corberó Silene Oliveira Tokyo Belén Cuesta Julia Manila Netflix
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Who Dies In Season 5 Volume 1?

After serving as the omnipresent narrator throughout “Money Heist” and its first five parts, the series finally confirms how Tokyo has known so much. Tokyo cashes her final check as the episode almost entirely centers on her and her past. She dies as Gandía and his cohorts move in. Thus, becoming the only member of the gang to die in Season 5, Volume 1.

Why Does Tokyo Die?

Tokyo dies on “Money Heist” by sacrificing herself for her friends. Badly injured earlier, Tokyo stays behind to stave off the enemy, so Denver and Manila can escape down the dumbwaiter. As Gandía and his fellow soldiers breach the kitchen, Tokyo reveals that she is armed to the teeth with grenades. Tokyo’s arch-nemesis Gandía has a moment to take in his fate before Tokyo blows the kitchen to kingdom come.

Does the Gang Know Tokyo is Gone?

Yes. Except for an out-of-it, Stockholm, everyone in the gang seems to know that Tokyo has died. Season 5 ends with the Professor going to the restroom to collect himself in the wake of his devastation. The rest of the crew is also leveled by Tokyo’s sacrifice with Rio and Denver among them. “Money Heist” has set itself up for a surprising final bow in Season 5, Volume 2.

What Happens to the Professor?

After getting cornered and tortured by Sierra, the Professor is in a bad spot. Then an anticipatory plot twist upends everything. Sierra goes into labor, and there are complications. Trying to help, the Professor shares his medical expertise and insight with Sierra. However, realizing how needed he is, Sierra frees the Professor, so he can safely deliver her baby. Add another feather to his cap because The Professor saves the baby’s life, and Sierra softens towards him considerably.

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Does Sierra Join Forces with the Professor?

No. Alicia Sierra does come mighty close to becoming an unofficial member of the gang, though. She shows some warmth towards the Professor, including asking Marseille to get a bandage for his foot, which she shoots. However, Sierra shows that she is not entirely sold on the “Money Heist” gang or their agenda in an easy-to-miss moment.

Why Sierra Could Still Be A Problem

In the last episode of Season 5, Volume 1, “Money Heist,” provides a subtle moment that hints the scale could tilt with yet another change. When Sierra goes to the bathroom, she rummages through some items and finds a pair of nail nippers. She then conceals them under her sleeve. Unfortunately, it is a brief moment, and the potentially painful tool never gets shown again as Tokyo’s impending doom takes precedence.

What Sierra’s Move Could Mean

Sierra going to get a potential instrument of pain is not an excellent sign for the “Money Heist” gang. She could theoretically use it to help the Professor and company out of a difficult jam in Season 5, Volume 2. That said, the implication is that is not her initial intention. I am hoping that Sierra ends up legitimately working to help the gang. It would be a neat twist. However, I predict another wrinkle.

Money Heist La Casa de Papel Alicia Sierra Najwa Nimri Álvaro Morte Sergio Marquina The Professor Netflix
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The Sierra Twist?

I think she will turn on the Professor once again, only to have yet another change of heart. I think she will be caught in some life-or-death predicament and sacrifice herself for her daughter’s greater good. That “greater good” being the Professor and Lisbon raising Victoria, who could go by London (Queen Victoria, and all of that) with their newfound wealth.  

Who Could Die In Season 5, Volume 2?

Helsinki’s leg gets crushed in Season 5 Volume 1, Stockholm is high on morphine, and the Professor has a bullet wound in his foot. So, it is fair to say that Helsinki is in the worst danger with the Professor in second (possible infection) and Stockholm in third for a possible overdose. I am hoping all three survive. Tokyo and Nairobi’s deaths have been more than enough for “Money Heist.”

How Does Tokyo’s Death Setup Season 5 Volume 2?

Tokyo’s death has put the gang in their most vulnerable position yet. Since Tokyo is the one that seemed able to make it out of any jam, so her losing her life means anyone could go next. The person harmed the most by Tokyo’s passing will undoubtedly be the Professor, who will probably have difficulty thinking clearly. But, on the other hand, it could inspire him to make it out of the Bank of Spain heist, more successful than ever.

The only way to know what will happen when “Money Heist” returns for its final episodes is to check Volume when it arrives on Netflix before the end of the year. Season 5 Volume 2 is going to premiere on December 3. So, it will not be too much longer. In the meantime, Season 1 – 4 and the first half of Season 5 (Part 5) are currently streaming on “Money Heist.”