'Ozark' Season 4 Part 1: The Byrdes Circle Explosive Ending

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“Ozark” comes roaring back in Season 4 Part 1 with shifting loyalties, family politics, and scores of shocks. Okay, two play heaviest, while others get heavily teased in Season 4, Part 1. It is safe to say that the Byrdes are circling an explosively ominous ending. Without spoiling a thing about the Netflix series’ return, let me review, and explain why.

Never Fear! This is a *spoiler-free* review of “Ozark” Season 4 Part 1 on Netflix.

Ruth is on the outside of the “Byrde Organization” when Season 4 Part 1 begins. (Part 2 will conclude the Netflix series.) In an unexpected and tragic twist, “Ozark” has pitted Ruth against Marty and Wendy. It is an uneasy match-up, and how it churns and crackles throughout Part 1 is sheer dynamite. The ever-shifting dynamics make the ending feel all the more impossible and disquieting to imagine.

In the beginning portion of Season 4, the Netflix drama brilliantly capitalizes on all of the deep character dynamics it has conjured through its earlier seasons. Viewers will understand the waters running ever-so-deeply underneath the current of “Ozark” because they have swum in it for so long. 

The beauty of it is that you can understand where everyone is coming from without outright begrudging their choices. Well, except the out-and-out villains of which there are few in the complicated landscape of “Ozark.” In Season 4’s premiere episode, you can already feel the convergence of its various streams. The waters turn even more treacherous in the opening hour as a shocking scene plays in the back of viewers’ minds.

How do the Byrdes arrive at that moment, and when? It adds to the dizzying unease “Ozark” creates with such oddly alluring zeal. The family drama that consumes the Byrdes gives the Lazcanos more than a run for their money on “Who Killed Sara?”. Adding to the Netflix crime thriller’s decisive edge is that it is a prestige series that dares to dig into highly dramatic arcs. 

“Ozark,” coming on so strong in Part 1 of Season 4, makes this fan excited to dig into Part 2. Let’s hope it can keep the momentum going that “You” Season 3 did not quite sustain after its stellar first half. Whether it can or not, it is off to a great start, and its place in Netflix’s top ten most-watched alongside “Brazen” is a great sign.


What did you think of Part 1 of “Ozark” Season 4 on Netflix? Are you still mad that Tom Pelphrey did not receive an Emmy nomination for his outstanding performance as Ben in Season 3? Sound off in the comments section below! After all of this time, Pelphrey’s turn is the reason the storyline of Wendy’s actions still resonates with such emotion. Time will tell what Jonah ultimately does was with his.