'Who Killed Sara?' Series Ending: Each Character's Fate, Explained

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Claudia Ramirez Mariana Alejandro Nones Rodolfo Gines Garcia Millar Cesar Carolina Miranda Elisa Eugenio Siller Jose Maria Netflix

“Who Killed Sara?” (“Quién Mató a Sara?”) is officially over, and Season 3 answers all of the burning questions fans go in wanting to know. It takes every episode to get there as every puzzle piece is gradually moved into place for the series finale. On the bright side, it all fits when the last episode rolls. So, brace yourself for spoilers because the ending for every character is about to get explained.

Final Spoiler Alert! Turn back now if you have not watched “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3 yet. Or keep reading to find out everything.

Aside from the neat semi-crossover with “Dark Desire,” it is worth noting “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3 is not without its disappointments. Chema’s storyline is especially painful to watch as he suffers the most of anyone. On the character development side of things, Alex does not admit how awful of a person Sara is/was, which brings about its own brand of frustration. 

Well, that and Alex acting as if he is Jack Reacher meets Jason Bourne. In actuality, Alex is just a normal guy who makes as many stupid mistakes as he does smart ones. (Okay, a lot of stupid mistakes.) When “Who Killed Sara?” ends, all of that is water under the bridge, and there is no need to speculate on what the ending means, which is a rarity these days. Here is how the cookie crumbles. 

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Parachute Netflix

Did Sara survive the parachute cable cutting?

Yes. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Sara’s death was faked by the evil doctor, Reinaldo, and it is not out of the kindness of any existent heart either. Reinaldo wants to experiment on Sara to invent a “super cure” for schizophrenia, even wanting to perform a lobotomy on her if it means achieving his goal.

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Andrés Baida Rodolfo Jóven Ximena Lamadrid Sara Netflix
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Who (Really) Killed Sara?

Sara killed Sara. In the climactic ending to “Who Killed Sara?” the hit series reveals that Sara took her own life due to the corrosive impact of the Medusa project and the cruelty of the ensuing experiments. Sara’s struggles with her mental health undoubtedly contribute to her decision too.

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Jean Reno Reinaldo Netflix
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What Happens to Sara’s Child?

While in Reinaldo’s hellish institution, Sara gives birth to a daughter she names Lucia, after her mother and grandmother. The baby is whisked off and raised in the institution by Reinaldo and the staff. After escaping with the help of Nicandro’s institutionalized sister, Daniela, Lucia meets her Uncle Alex, who vows to protect her. In another sign, Alex overestimates himself - Lucia is kidnapped and taken back to the institution shortly afterward.

What Happens to Lucia?

Alex eventually rescues Lucia from the clinic in the “Who Killed Sara?” series finale, and it appears he will take care of her indefinitely. Lucia’s identical likeness to Sara provides unspoken healing for Alex, who ultimately learns he is chasing a ghost searching for his sister. Lucia does not appear to have her mother’s disposition, a crucial difference between his sister and his niece.

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Who Is The Father of Sara’s Child? 

“Who Killed Sara?” insists that Cesar is the father of Sara’s child. It is unclear how this can be conclusively deduced, as no DNA test is ever done on Lucia. She could also be Rodolfo’s daughter. It has been a minute since Season 2, so maybe it is better clarified there, albeit not memorably. Whatever the case, Alex insists to everyone that Lucia is Cesar’s daughter.

Who Killed Sara Quién Mató a Sara? Manolo Cardona Alex Guzman Netflix


After taking out Reinaldo, destroying his horrifying “clinic,” and liberating its prisoners, Alex is finally free. He makes peace with Sara’s death and embraces his new life with Lucia, Elisa, and Chema. The newly minted family literally walks into the much-deserved sunset together.

Who Killed Sara Quién Mató a Sara? Carolina Miranda Elisa Lazcano Netflix
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Sadly, Elisa takes a back seat in driving most of the action in the final season of “Who Killed Sara?”. Season 3 does allow her some great emotional moments, and she instantly forms a bond with her supposed half-sister, Lucia. It is fair to say that Elisa and Alex’s future together looks bright in the finale.

Who Killed Sara Quién Mató a Sara? Eugenio Siller Chema José María Lazcano Netflix
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Chema/Jose Maria

Thanks to Alex’s rescue efforts at Reinaldo’s lair, Chema is also freed physically and emotionally as he fully embraces his sexuality and identity. Finally free to accept who he is, Chema’s emotional torture seems to end. He is last shown joining Alex, Elisa, and Lucia at the institution’s mass grave, where he walks off into the “Who Killed Sara?” sunset with them.

Who Killed Sara Quién Mató a Sara? Alejandro Nones Rodolfo Lazcano Netflix
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The only Lazcano sibling to lose their life, Rodolfo dies a hero in the “Who Killed Sara?” finale. Spotting a security guard at the institution about to shoot, Rodolfo goes for the gun to save his family. Rodolfo saves them, sacrificing his life in the process as he is shot. Lucia comforts him, apparently giving him the closure on Sara in death that he lacked in life.

Who Killed Sara Quién Mató a Sara? Gines García Millan Cesar Lazcano Netflix
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The Lazcano family patriarch mostly finds redemption in the series finale. Cesar helps rescue Lucia and takes the fall so his kids and Alex can be free. He also gives Alex his blessing to keep the money Alex stole and disperse it among his children. It is later revealed that Cesar is dying of pancreatic cancer and will not survive long into his sentence. He is last shown crying in his cell.

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Claudia Ramírez Mariana Lazcano Netflix


Cesar’s diabolical wife is not shown suffering the fallout of her kids closing ranks against her and Chema justly unloading on her. Instead, the awful mother is shown in a monastery doing menial tasks. That said, Mariana is haunted by her family and their evaporation from her life. Considering that the Lazcano matriarch loves atonement and her faith, it is tough to see how her fate is a punishment.

Who Killed Sara? Quién Mató a Sara? Manolo Cardona Alex Guzman Carolina Miranda Elisa Guzman Netflix

Final Thoughts

I know this sounds terrible - but - I wish Mariana suffered a worse fate. She is perhaps the evilest and most irredeemable character of the entire series. Mariana never repents for her actions nor faces the music for her rotten orchestration of what she unleashed on her children and others. “Who Killed Sara?” (“Quién Mató a Sara?”) goes way too easy on her for no apparent reason.

As tough as it is to get to the series finale by watching Season 3’s torturous detours for its characters, the ending itself satisfies. Leave it to “Outro” by M83 to deliver the trademark feelings of majestic melancholy and hope that any ending strives to supply. “Who Killed Sara?” answers its central question with a “Lost”-inspired turn that actually delivers in the end. It turns out you can answer every question you raise. Who knew?