'The Longest Night' Season 1 Ending: Don't Watch Until Season 2

The Longest Night Baruca Hugo Roca  Alberto Ammann Netflix
Carla Oset / Netflix

Should you spend part of your day binge-watching “The Longest Night” (“La noche mรกs larga”) on Netflix? The short answer is “no,” and not for the reasons you may expect. To explain, please consider reading this first. It will not spoil any plot specifics, although it will help inform you if you want to press play.

Think about it. Investing six hours of your life into the six episodes of Season 1 without knowing when and if Season 2 will premiere on Netflix is a serious prospect. So, are you with me? If so, thanks for taking a leap of faith and continuing to read. The potential “The Longest Night” viewer inside of you will thank you later. So, what is the deal?

(Very mild spoiler alert)

Why should you not watch Season 1? The simple answer is that the ending of Season 1 is filled with more explosive cliffhangers than Sylvester Stallone’s 90s epic. Every single character’s fate is left hanging by a thread! If you thought your anxiety over continuing “Money Heist” because of The Professor and The Inspector’s dynamic was bad, “The Longest Night” makes that look like nothing.

Netflix truly owed viewers a serious warning ahead of viewers binge-watching Season 1. First and foremost, “The Longest Night” is pending a Season 2 renewal. Hence, Season 2 has no release date, so fans could be in for a “long night” of waiting. When you consider how immense the cliffhanger at hand is, that is simply not acceptable. 

At least with the Josรฉ Coronado starrer “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” viewers have a reason to think Season 2 is on the horizon (hello teaser trailer). In comparison, “The Longest Night” concludes without any such word on its future. As of publication, Netflix has no official announcement published on the series’ official page. In contrast, Netflix has one up for “The Marked Heart.” 

That Spanish-language drama is returning for a second season without anywhere near the gapingly-open ending that “The Longest Night” leaves viewers to sift through. Back in the day, I loved enjoying long summers spent speculating about what would happen in between seasons of “Smallville.” If you approach gaps between (potential) streaming seasons with similar enthusiasm, then do not sweat “The Longest Night” (“La noche mรกs larga”) Season 1. Enjoy the simmer!