Let's Discuss: Does 'Control Z' Ending Season Satisfy On Netflix?

Control Z Samantha Acuña Alejandra Alex Salomone Netflix
Hash Escamilla / Netflix

“Control Z” Season 3 is a doozy of a sendoff for the Mexican Netflix series. In the third and final season, Sofia and her friends are back to face the music of yet another threat. This one arrives after they were all involved in the accidental death of their principal. Brace yourselves for Sofia to gift her pals with sanctimonious judgments and “amazing” powers of deduction. 

It takes a while to get into the flow of Season 3’s one-year time jump. Corresponding flashbacks are done to explain key missing pieces. It is a confusing choice as “Control Z” could have told these stories sequentially. Instead, viewers jump in and out of the “present-day” scenes without significant signaling. Once each timeline becomes more defined, it is less of an issue.

Like “High Seas” before it, Season 3 of “Control Z” does not feel like the final season of the series. As if there was more planned. The build-up to the ending and the finale itself feels like another step in extending the Netflix drama, not ending it. It is not the feeling you got watching “Dark Desire” Season 2 and, more recently, “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3.

It all seems to ring a bit flat without a sense of finality to charge the atmosphere. Perhaps, eight episodes were too many to tell the remaining storylines. What went wrong? When “Control Z” premiered on Netflix, it made a huge splash with this viewer. The teen drama followed the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” formula and ran with it

The result was a modern commentary on bullying and key social issues. Sadly, “Control Z” becomes more like “Pretty Little Liars” by the end of its run than I would hope. Spencer from “Pretty Little Liars”) and Sofia from “Control Z” are cut from the same cloth, and it is exhausting to see them constantly cheered on by those around them. A crossover in which both investigated the other would be their perfect punishment. Karma sucks!

One thing not properly addressed is why the group demonizes Alex so harshly for her work as “@_allyoursecrets_” last season. Besides Alex, everyone quickly forgave Gerry for committing manslaughter against Luis and Raul for being the original hacker and nearly killing Javier in Season 2. Alex’s sins were nowhere near as deadly. 

In its third and final season, “Control Z” struggles to find its momentum before rushing into what feels like the forced finale. Season 3 did not need more time. It needed better pacing. Perhaps, those creatively in charge were not given enough notice about the third season being the show’s last. Regardless of its highs and lows, the Netflix thriller is still a worthy binge as a completed series.

The Series Ending

Before wrapping things up, I will go ahead and spoil the ending of “Control Z.” It concludes with the final hacker being revealed as Bruno. Sofia ends up outing her friend group and their involvement in Susana’s death at the graduation celebration. The group ends up doing community service.

Sometime later, Sofia catches up with Javier, who is still romantically involved with Natalia. Despite that, he still has clear feelings for Sofia. Javier then makes his case for Raul being the one behind Season 3’s entire hacking drama. Raul’s motive? To win Sofia back, and it worked. Sofia’s response? She is cool with it.

Sofia always gives Raul a free pass, and this time is no different. Plus, she likes that he potentially did all of that to get her back. She seems quite flattered by it. In the end, “Control Z” concludes with Sofia riding off with Raul, and Javier contented that he pitched his theory. Now, he is free to be with Natalia knowing he made every last ditch effort he could for Sofia.

Final Thoughts

I have no idea why Javier and Raul are so interested in Sofia when Natalia is a far more emotionally complex character. Sofia is emotionally disaffected and unempathetic to those around her. If you like Sofia -- “Control Z” is a completely different experience. For me, she is too reminiscent of Spencer from “Pretty Little Liars” – judgmental and devoid of personal awareness.

Regarding the ending itself, it tied up all loose ends and provided appropriate closure for the “Control Z” cast. I would have liked to see Sofia’s mom and Quintanilla reconciled and reunited. Quintanilla and Gerry probably had the most growth of any of the characters. Why not give them both a happy ending? At least, they both had hope.

Alas, the most disappointing thing is that Raul never gets his comeuppance. Sofia accepts him as the psychopath he is. Were you pleased with the ending of “Control Z” on Netflix? Or did it leave you wanting something more? Sound off in the comments section below. In the meantime, you can check out the teen thriller on Netflix alongside many other quality suspense tales.