'Triptych' on Netflix: Does "True Story" Inspire A Good TV Show?

Triptych Triada Maite Perroni Becca Rebecca Aleida Tamara Netflix

“Triptych” (“Triada”) is one of the hot new television shows currently blazing a path to the charts of Netflix’s top ten, and binge-watching the series, I know why. Thanks to clever theatrical magic and a dynamic performance from lead actress Maite Perroni, the suspenseful drama will have you seeing triple. Purporting to be inspired by true events, the sudsy TV show will recall your favorite soap opera tropes.

For those wondering about its title, “Triptych” is a word for art comprised of three sectioned-off images hinged together. Only when each panel is fully open can the complete picture come into view. After watching the first few minutes, it is pretty easy to figure out why such a term applies to the story the Netflix drama tells. 

Set in modern-day Mexico, “Triptych” wastes no time pumping viewers’ adrenaline with a mysterious bang. In its opener, a determined woman (Maite Perroni) storms into a building before taking her psychiatrist hostage. Aleida speaks of wanting massive truths exposed before a police standoff ends in her demise. If you think Aleida’s hidden truths have died with her, think again (and again).

Arriving at the crime scene is Becca (Perroni), a member of CSI, who finds herself staring into the face of her biggest case yet. Could the jagged pieces of Becca’s life somehow fit with Aleida’s? “Triptych” takes viewers on a ride to find out, and what a wild one it turns out to be.

If you have watched the stunning documentary “Three Identical Strangers,” you know that the elements of “Triptych” and its seemingly implausible story are plausible. Netflix confirms that is the “true story” that inspired the series. Not one to stick to even that off-the-wall narrative, “Triptych” dares to be even bolder, though evoking plot twists reminiscent of the juiciest daytime dramas.

All the elements for an intriguing story are there, and then some for extra ammo. As Maite Perroni does in Netflix’s addictive sultry drama, “Dark Desire,” Perroni seizes the spotlight without letting it go. While the former was emotionally grueling, “Triptych” is ambitious on numerous fronts for Perroni, who craftily shuffles the hand she is tasked to play.

Told in a flavor that recalls your favorite dramas, “Triptych” aims at real-life territory, as hinted above. What role does genetics play in determining our ultimate destination? This question runs in tandem with the same one looming regarding what impact our environment has on shaping who we become. A dash of this, a hint at that.

“Triptych” unravels at a breakneck pace that does not sacrifice its in-between pathos. Becca is hard to root for as a character. Her journey for the answers she needs and deserves is far more sympathetic. What is incredibly compelling is how “Triptych” acknowledges inheritable traits as an explanation for Becca’s and her fellow triplets’ decisions.

Without knowing each other, the triplets make decisions that mirror one another’s. It is a strikingly authentic admission in a sea of fantastical twists. For those that enjoyed the familial bombshells of “The Five Juanas” and the labyrinthian mysteries comprising “Who Killed Sara?” – “Triptych” is a multi-layered confection of dazzlingly decadent drama.


“Triptych” (“Triada”) is currently streaming on Netflix. For more binge-worthy mysteries, check out Eclectic Pop’s coverage here.