Does Netflix's Drama 'The Five Juanas' Make You Wanna Watch?

The Five Juanas Venganza de las Juanas Juana Manuela Manny Bravo Zuria Vega Juana Valentina Renata Notni Juana Caridad Oka Giner Juana Matilde Juanita Arias Juana Bautista Sofia Engberg Netflix
Gerardo Maldonado R. / Netflix

So, you finished “Who Killed Sara?” and you are in desperate need of a Mexican drama that brings mystery and mayhem to the screen. It sounds like you “wanna” watch “The Five Juanas” (“Venganza de las Juanas”) on Netflix. The only question is, should you? Season 1 of the remake is now streaming, and it is a wild ride.

The fun of “The Five Juanas” begins when five eclectic 25-year-old women incidentally converge. Crossing paths for the first time, the women eventually realize that they share more in common than their destination. They all have a fish-shaped birthmark, the first name Juana, and none of them know their biological father’s identity (think “Mamma Mia”).

You can probably guess where this is going. Each from their own different walk of life, the women, eventually bond over their shared mystery and its answer. There is reporter Valentina (Renata Notni), stripper Manny (Zuria Vega), nun-in-waiting Caridad (Oka Giner), aspiring singer Matilde (Juanita Arias), and soothsayer Bautista (Sofia Engberg). Together, they learn more about themselves than they could have ever learned alone.

“The Five Juanas” is a rather intoxicating binge-watch that runs longer than your typical Netflix engagement. Season 1 runs for 17 episodes that feature a conclusion that could wrap the series or leave the door open for a return. The mystery and constantly developing story should draw fans of “Playing with Fire” and “You Cannot Hide.”

To its credit, the ensemble of Juanas work together brilliantly. Thus, making the ensuing fivesome overwhelmingly convincing. There are no weak lengths where the Juanas are concerned. Each actress is intrinsically cast to a T. It is especially lovely to see “El Dragon” star Renata Notni front and center again. This time as the valiant Valentina.

Notni’s star power is impossible to dim, and she shines brightly in “The Five Juanas.” After making her case for global stardom in “El Dragon,” it is lovely to see Renata Notni in a role where she gets the respect she deserves. Notni’s “El Dragon” character, Adela, had a tough run in that department.

Speaking of which, you will need to prepare yourself for the constant rollercoaster ride of high drama for “The Five Juanas.” There is a lot of love and heartbreak to be had in its nearly 20-episode run. Long story short, if you need a show to help you through the wait for “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3, you are looking at it.

If you enjoy the ever-evolving drama of “Gran Hotel” and the absorbing plots that ambitious series dishes out, you will find yourself riveted by “The Five Juanas.” The only issue with the Netflix show is that unlike “Gran Hotel,” you will only discover one romance to write home about instead of a plethora.

“The Five Juanas” Season 1 is streaming on Netflix alongside a lot of other fantastic Mexican series, including “Control Z” and “Monarca.”